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  1. In my opinion, it is the controls that let the game down, particularly in the early stages of the game. If you can stick with it through chapter one and force yourself to play chapter two, however, the game becomes quite enjoyable. That was my experience of it, anyway! Although the problems with the controls do cause frustration at various other points in the game as well.
  2. I'm idly pottering through Mass Effect 2 just now - think it'll take me a while though, feeling all "Mass Effect"-ed out having just completed the first one.
  3. Thanks guys, I took your advice - blitzed through it in the past couple of days, got 1000 gamerscore. I actually kinda enjoyed it. A bit frustrating to think though that if they had just spent a bit more time ironing out the bugs it would have been a much more enjoyable game that would have reached more people.
  4. I disagree completely, I found the whole game very logical and as such quite easy to complete. As someone mentioned above, David's notes on his Whiteboard often tell you what to do.
  5. Banjo Kazooie, that was the game I bought an N64 for.
  6. Definitely both Shenmue games. Code: Veronica (which is on its way, yay! ) Carrier (which reminds me - will someone hurry up and remake "Deep Fear" already!?)
  7. Aru is my name in Japanese (I speak Japanese and have quite strong ties to the country, so it's important to me) and Edinburgh is where I currently live. I would have probably preferred more time to think of a better one, but I was kinda put on the spot when I joined XBox live (can't remember exactly what it was, but the initial Gamertag I was provided with was awful and sounded like it had been created by a hippy with dementia), so I felt the need to change it asap. If I think of one I prefer in the future, I'll probably shell out the points for one change.
  8. Hey there, I'm new too and had a spot of trouble figuring that out, but I eventually found a guide on the forum that told me. Basically, you have to find the game that you're looking for first of all - so use the search bar at the top of the page, type the game name in and hit return. Then select the correct game from the list and scroll the page about halfway down, looking at the right hand side of the page. You'll see an option "My 360 achievements" and by default it will say "disabled". Click the part that says "Click here to enable" and then you're good to go - the game will now show up in your profile and you can add achievements to it that way. You don't need 5 posts to do that much, as I was doing that before I had any posts on the forum. Hope that helps!
  9. Buffy Veronica Mars D!rt The Walking Dead Sugar Rush
  10. Hey folks, Recently discovered this forum, thought I'd sign up. Having been brought up on video games from the good ol' ZX Sinclair Specturm era, I took a prolonged break from gaming from about 2006 until December last year when I decided to buy a 360. Only just starting to get into the swing of things, this site looks like it'll help me get my gaming mojo back!
  11. I haven't downloaded this yet, but I had the PS original years ago. There are quite a few missable rooms - there are certain areas of the castle (both normal and inverted) where you have to smash through walls to access new areas if you want a 100% map rate.
  12. Hi folks, I'd like the opinion of people who actually managed to play this game right the way through to the end. Basically, is it worth my while? I was a huge fan of the original trilogy - Alone in the Dark 2 is one of my all-time favourite games - and I even quite liked "The New Nightmare". I'm just having extreme difficulty getting into this one though. I desperately WANT to like it but the controls are really annoying me. How ironic is that, given that the combat system for Alone in the Dark 2 is clunky as hell? I think that the reason I could stick with AITD2 and not this, however, is that a). you can forgive a lot due to the era it was released in; there's really no excuse for clunky controls these days, and b). AITD2 had fixed camera angles, so there was none of this camera-confusino that seems to be plaguing me with the XBox game. So what do you think? Am I being too harsh and should I stick at it, or should I just accept that it isn't going to live up to my expectations? Cheers, in advance, Al
  13. I doubt we'll see any more DLC for the original Left 4 Dead, although the blog posts on L4D2 keep hinting that they'll port over the original maps to L4D2...will believe that when I see it. I do think the original L4D is dying a slow death. It's taking longer and longer to fill lobbies for random online games.
  14. In no particular order... Resident Evil 5 (would have been a good game in its own right I guess, but just didn't feel like Resident Evil to me so I grudge it having the title) Anything for Kinect (am still to be impressed by the hardware; it's just not my ideal way of controlling games). Final Fantasy X (will never understand why this was the first in the series to get a 'sequel' per se - it was just kinda awful) Broken Sword - Director's Cut (game itself was ace, but the few 'added' sections for the re-release was just a blatant attempt at money grabbing) NiGHTS sequel for the Wii (biggest disappointment for me of recent years, totally tarnished my happy memories of the Saturn original)
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