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  1. Just wondering but what happened to your old gamertag? Are you going to try and get all the achievements and gamerscore again?

  2. hey, how do i get my new GT changed over on the leaderboards? i have changed in the my account already.

  3. Hey, in the quick 200/400 thread spongebob underpants slam is no longer on the marketplace i did the kinect search and nothing came up

  4. Content install disc for Gears of War 1

  5. were did you get the marcus gamer picture for your gamercard?

  6. Yea, I've been thinking about just doing that instead trying to deal with trying to get it fixed.
  7. Nice collection I need to find all mine, plus get ones I don't have too:)
  8. Hey, I'm talking with Xbox support right now on twitter but I wanted to know if anyone else started to have problems with buying stuff off of xboxlive I can but other things like stuff from amazon and ps3. It was working until today, I was able to buy the dishonored dlc yesterday and able to put in a prepaid code for 1000 points.
  9. Hey, i didn't want to make another thread but i also didn't reply to a year or two old thread and want to know do you know if the skate 3 severs will be shut down anytime soon? or is it ok for me to make another thread?

  10. can't remember what game but i think it was one of the launch titles or TimeShift that i was playing when i had the Red ring of death. Had a second time and then a disc error 4th xbox didn't turn on anymore hopefully this is the last time i have to buy one: The current one i'm using
  11. yea, i was thinking it wasn't really but was wondering what people on here thought of it
  12. When searching on twitter there are reports of a meteor between VA and Boston this is the best link i could find but when you search twitter you can prob find a better one. http://instagram.com/p/XLd30GRwsV/
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