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  1. Hey Guys, What are some good games and or achievements that require little to no attention to grind? I like having a couple of things going at once, and would like to hear what you guys have in mind. All Platforms. Some examples are: Microsoft Jackpot - This mostly requires you to check on the Fast & Auto play buttons, and check from time to time to see if you've entered a mini-game. Downside is that there is no mute on this for W8/10 Make it Rain - There are some achievements that require attention and grinding, but you can get most just by leaving this up in the background. You can also mute the sounds on W8/10. Let's hear what other games you guys have in mind!
  2. Ninja, just sent a friend request. Please and thank you . Shangri La27
  3. I am in need of dolls. And the expression ach if anyone has time. Shangri La27
  4. Unfortunately, this is intentional. When booting the game, a disclaimer states that only the primary account can obtain achs. Not sure if it was this or another thread, but I saw somewhere that uninstalling the game and uplay may allow you to unlock them after reinstalling. Take that with a grain of salt though.
  5. This is false, I have 30+ friends, and currently cannot get this or Guardians of Lemuria.
  6. 4 controllers. only need castle achs for dlc. msg if interested. <--
  7. Still need help with the later DLC achs, and misc boosting for 30. GT: Shangri la27
  8. Still looking to get these as well. Gt: Shangri la27
  9. Just got this today, need all! GT: Shangri la27
  10. I only need DLC achs, for people who need group achs you can kill 2 birds doing the solo objs for the DLC and group objs for all. Add if you have DLC. GT: Shangri La27
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