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  1. I've tried several different email addys all connected with youtube accouts of varying ages and non work. If I was bothered about anything other than getting the acievements I'd elgato some vids but meh... *shrug*
  2. I have the 360 version and once I completed it I got bored so I set about trying to get enough of every item to fill a chest each so I have A LOT of spares I have all the pets, quite a few hard mode armours (I have sets of frost armour coming out of my ears) Golem gear, 1 or 2 each of vampire knives and other dungeon chest weapons. So if you need a specific item, just ask as I probably have it. I can also help if you are doing frost/pumpkin moon. Have redone my hallowed/corrupt worlds for those that need the achievement. If you see me online and need anything just send me a message saying "xboxachievements Terraria" or start a party. GT: smokey mcgraw
  3. I like women as much as every other red blooded male but if a woman was in front of me leaning over and shaking her ass like that I'd have to fight the urge to push her over And the "song" (in the loosest terms) was a steaming pile...
  4. Boondock Saints 2 was an awful mess of a film.
  5. Just finished Man On Fire by AJ Quinell and now reading The Perfect Kill by the same author (it's the second book in the series)
  6. Yes, as I only have one achievement to get to complete it
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