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  1. I've only made it up to (actual) level 4, but here are my impressions: Visually it is appealing, though I would say I personally don't care for how the bases look, just that the graphics themselves look nice. I didn't like Doom 3's tech base looks either as they're always too complicated and I think a little more simplicity actually would be better. I love the great framerate though! I don't really like how the 'possessed' look (nor the mechanics of the security forces - I would have liked them just having normal weaponry). They look more 'mutated' than zombie-fied. That might be the point, but it's not really to my liking. Gameplay-wise - I don't really like the health system and reliance of glory kills. There seems to be too much of it, and I think they'd been better off having it far less frequently but far more rewarding. My guess is they're trying to help make it distinct from other FPS games, but it kind of brings it down really. There's nothing wrong with having more emphasis on the shooting. I like the concept of forcing movement, but slow glory kiling acts to ironically slow it all down too much (made more important because of just how much damage you take if hit and a need for a source of health). I think they should have rebalanced that more. On that note, I don't like that the monsters are as nimble as they are AND can deal significantly more damage in sneakier more nimble ways than in the original Doom (the combination itself). I think one or the other could afford to have been toned down a bit (emphasis on one more than the other would have been fine), but the problem IMO seems to be that it is intentionally designed to 'compliment' the glory killing thing (or rather glory killing is necessitated because of those factors). That's where the repetition in combat starts to hurt. Glory killing should have been a special occasional type thing and otherwise more emphasis being made on the weapons themselves (that's my opinion anyway). Overall there are a lot of things I like and do prefer over Doom 3. But I also feel that they simply focused a little too much on the wrong gimmicks and didn't allow much room for more simple elements to shine enough. It can be quite fun, but other key areas of gameplay just leave me a little disappointed (and that's the areas that should matter most in such a game).
  2. *Lack of balance, particularly in regards to difficulty earlier on or in certain scenarios e.g. enemies that can just tank hits with super armour, spam ultimates or multiple evasive techniques). *Those annoying missions where you have to protect other characters or you fail the mission. Worse when you have to protect (useless) trunks and fight off 17 and 18. *The lack of certain character transformations/characters (Frieza + Cell forms, Super Buu Absorptions, SSJ Gogeta etc). *The TERRIBLE targetting system and a lack of custom controls (also the preset selections). The amount of times the CPU rushes you right at the start while you're forced to have to try and target them, or having the targetting disable due to a cutscene with them transforming - this could have been rectified by having the camera automatically lock-on with only ONE target present (by default) and give the option to deselect it. Also being able to stupidly lock onto portals mid-battle but NOT onto dragon balls. *Missions requiring you to have to defeat multiiple enemies in a gauntlet (boring and at times just pain annoying - particularly if each individual enemy feels like a boss in their own right resiliency-wise). *An inabiity to rename characters once they're made, most clothing not being able to have their colours tweaked, only one equippable accessory *The constant obnoxious scripted moments (e.g. when someone arrives and the camera cuts to them and takes away control from you) slowing the action down. An annoying problem with most games these days to be fair. *Seemingly glitchy Great Ape hitboxes. *Limitations that feel like they've seemingly been inherited from the days of the PS2 games, despite apparenly being a newer engine (e.g. wierd annoying beam angles when the nimble cpu players decide to speed around, leaving your character to look stupid or failing to hit them at certain angles for instance). *Pretty terrible, basic and repetitive dialogue. *Stupid ineffectual allies that can't even use their abilities (at least not properly). *A lot of characters NOT having the ability to power-up or (therefore) not able to maintain their transformations for long. This was kinda an annoyance with some of the earlier games. As much as I liked Budokai 3 for instance I always preferred the ability to start off as a transformation right off the bat or in having the ability to hold it for longer periods. *Not a BIG deal, but it's kinda disappointing (so far) that they didn't have extra characters like Adult Goten or Adult Gotenks (they had several trailers in relation to Dragon Ball Heroes or whatever its called that showed some pretty cool things - it would/would've been nice to have some of those characters feature given the nature/story of the game. That's pretty much what comes to mind after completing most of the game (both story and all parallel quests).
  3. Playing Halo 4, it reminds me how much I disliked playing the campaign (and how much I miss Reach). Everything about it just feels tedious and for the worse. It felt like "343i's" specific take on Halo rather than a natural evolution of Halo and what made it rather likeable in the first place. I hated the forced "interactive cutscenes"/few quicktime events and narration. I found the story relatively boring and it wasn't as interesting or "accessible" as the reasonably straightforward original trilogy (and I know there's others who have agreed with me there). It felt like the characters in the original trilogy stood out more and felt more memorable (be it key covenant characters, the Gravemind, and even humans such as Johnson). In this one the members of infinity(?) somehow felt out of place to me, and there was a more of a serious (or "realistic) feel about everything - which is something I don't care for in contrast with the originals (which had some lightheartedness and didn't seem to take themselves AS seriously as 4 did). Also, gameplay-wise, ammo (or at least capacity) is made to be extremely scarce in campaign (why couldn't they have just had more for campaign, less for multiplayer?). The (storm?) covenant completely lost their appeal (in the way they look and how they sound). The final flying mission was tedious at times. The music was okay, but didn't fit the game IMO. Levels felt pretty linear, long and didn't seemingly allow for much in the way of skipping or flexibility (it seemingly expects you to finish every single fight thoroughly) The worst part though is the Promethean enemies. There's just something so obnoxiously bad about them to me. The Knights and Watchers are annoying cowards (drawing things out by fleeing and teleporting randomly), while the four-legged creatures are stupidly brave, numerous and rush your position rather than taking things strategically like other enemies would. They're not necessarily overall "difficult", but perhaps overly tedious and boring to deal with (more about quantity as opposed to quality). There's no satisfaction in dealing with the enemies, it's like 343i had the clear intention to go a completely different route combat-wise with them, but the end result feels too gimmicky and they have too many annoying traits. I don't even care for their look either. The design of the original covenant grew on me, an I found the Flood to have an intriguing look. To me, the Promethean (especially the knights) look almost comical in a way. I'm probably in the minority, but I honestly would have preferred the "Halo Chronicles Collection" or something (e.g. 1, 2, 3 and Reach). That to me feels more like the definitive Halo experience. As things are it kinda feels like Halo 4 is just along for the ride or for the sake of cohesiveness with the upcoming Halo 5 stuff. It's like the child that a parent or teacher tells a group of kids to include in their game so they're not feeling left out.
  4. Physical. While it's more "convenient" not needing a disc, I'm still happy to simply get up and grab the disc if it saves about $40 (AUS). I don't know if it's particularly bad just for Australian gamers, but the difference between instore price (aside from EBGames/Gamestop) and digital is far too great for me to consider digital. The only time i'd (obviously) relent and get digital is when there's the occasional really decent sale (e.g. a game that's under $10), or a "digital only" game like classic arcade games.
  5. I successfully did it just then. I didn't bother setting off the checkpoint on the corner of the building or waiting for Johnson to board the pelican, but got the rest of the checkpoints (so it appears you at least don't have to waste time waiting for that part to play out).
  6. Congratulations!

    Sega Vintage Collection: ToeJam & Earl [Guide & Roadmap] has been processed and published by Guide Team Staff member THE DEADLY DOG.

    Please post any updates within the Update: Guides & Roadmaps thread. We look forward to your future submissions! Thank you!

  7. You're missing "Mechanical Trends" according to my list which increases Vehicle and Weapon Durability (i've got 10/11 and am missing "Top 10 Drink Mixes" based on your list...).
  8. Looking to grab all the Castle Map Pack DLC achievements. Have 4 controllers. GT: TwistOfFate619 EDIT - I've still got 2 more achievements to grab (Hello Nurse and Sight Seeing). Will be online again in a few hours and am up for helping with a few others that anyone needs in the process.
  9. Looking to grab all the new achievements. I have 4 controllers. GT - TwistOfFate619 EDIT - All done, thanks to RIVEE and KILLER1NST1NCTS!
  10. I'm looking to do 4 Player Co-op on Insanity to get the many achievements associated with that out of the way. GT - TwistOfFate619
  11. I just recently bought the Season Pass and am interested in some of the Beast and Horde mode DLC achievements: GT - TwistOfFate619
  12. It seems that the achievements are essentially blocked on Co-op (as mentioned in the achievement guide). Unfortunately you're better of going through solo for achievements.
  13. Ah! Wasn't aware of that. However, when I was putting together the achievement guide I remember reading one of the rules on the site mentioning achievement pictures. Up to this point I still haven't (and honestly can't be stuffed) finishing Toe Jam & Earl 2 for the last achievement. Does that create any issues there?
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