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  1. This Achievement didn't unlock for me upon completion of "Worse than Death" ... I'm currently sat at 100% completion off all Bruzs' quests, but no Achievement.
  2. Dethroning 5 Kings in King of the Hill games isn't Boostable to my knowledge, tried to boost a friend earlier and he's progress wouldn't increase.
  3. Blame Ubisoft for not using dedicated servers and relying on dated P2P connections
  4. Realistic really isn't that difficult, the best advice I can give is to watch where the CPU's weapon is, on their right, left or above their head. Also, learning the characters combo's is a good idea, then you'll know just how many attacks you need to block. Apollyon is easily the biggest challenge, my advice for her is to try and block as much as you can to get your Revenge meter up, then use it when she tries to attack you. That'll cause her to fall to the ground where you can get some easy free hits.
  5. I'm just curious to find out if anyone else is noticing any serious frame rate issues on the Multiplayer. I've not tried the Campaign, so I don't know how that's holding up, but this multiplayer seems like an absolute mess.
  6. He's actually not that difficult, you'll need to fight off 3 other Titans before you get 1 on 1 with him, so take them out first. I recommend using Scorch, laying down your Thermite and backing off so they walk into it. Once you get one of one with him, switch to Tone loadout, get your 3 hits on him and Salvo with the RB when you've got a Red Lock on. When he fires his Rockets at you, either Dash away, or towards him and most of them will miss, if they do hit you'll take a lot of damage. To be honest though, I thought Richter was a lot harder.
  7. Worked a treat! Cheers for that, you're a star! 1K'd it this morning!
  8. Hi guys! So I'm just curious too see if this Achievement hasn't unlocked for anyone else? I've done all the Missions on Master, I've collected all the collectibles and done all the other Miscellaneous Achievements, but for some reason Legendary Pilot hasn't Unlocked. Has anyone else had this issue? Or does anyone know of a work around. Even my progress has 0% even with all missions completed on Master.
  9. Getting to Rank 10 Medic finally Unlocked the Rank 2 Medic achievement, I'll let you guys know if the same happens for the other classes.
  10. So, I'm currently a Rank 4 Medic, but it hasn't given me the Achievement to become a Rank 2 Medic. Is this happening to anyone else and if so do you know of a work around?
  11. Yeah, kinda bummed out by it. I just wish this game had a Save Game / Load Game like most normal games.
  12. So, I was just running around, fucking shit up and casually murdering people as you do when I went after a Racket Boss. Long story short, I accidentally missed a Junction Box and ended up plunging a knife into the dude's heart instead of having him join me. I'm quite far through the story now, so it looks like I'll be doing 3 playthroughs :/ I don't like these achievements.
  13. You don't actually need to be that far away, as long as the bar isn't filling up you're good. It should tell you what's causing the bar to rise so you can make adjustments too.
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