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  1. Anybody know if the Chinese version is region free?
  2. Another cry for help - please come back, translators!
  3. It's aggravating. I've been trying to complete Oyster Harbor for two days now and the damn game keeps locking up. For what it's worth, this is the only game in the collection where I've suffered lockups. Has anyone brought this to Rare's attention? If not, how can we push this issue to the forefront so that they know about it, and possibly fix it?
  4. Well, hey - keep it up! Maybe you'll be the guy to write the roadmap for this game!
  5. Well, I got my copy, and it's installed, and it's nothing but Japanese text as far as the eye can see. Menus are cramped and tiny and I literally have no idea what to do. Hopefully as more achievement hunters join this thread maybe you guys can help me puzzle this out.
  6. So does anyone have a grasp on how to play this game? I know Azito is part of a larger series in Japan stretching back a few generations - I've never been able to find a guide for any of these games.
  7. How do I do a hard reset? Because I'm having a hell o fa time getting through the Lantern Menace level. I can't get Lex Luthor to access the tech panel you find on the left side of the room after you destroy the tentacles with the vehicle you find with Solomon Grundy.
  8. I've bought both the assault rifle and the shotgun, but when I press the Y button, nothing happens. What's the deal? I'm just stuck with my pistol.
  9. Welp, we're almost to GFWL's official shutdown date, and I'm scrambling to Hoover up some final cheevos here and there. Bioshock 2 has been one of my favorite games and I'd love to go through it again - but grabbing a Russian copy has proven to be difficult. As the shutdown nears, I was hoping more sources would be available, but I'm not finding any. Anybody know where I can grab a Russian PC copy?
  10. I get her whittled down to the last third of her health, and then she starts doing that thing where she zips out of the darkness on a blue beam of light. I've tried countering it, dodging it, but I can't avoid it damaging me. I die at this point constantly. This YouTube video shows the player beating the boss, but I can't get the cutscene where Alfred delivers the antidote to trigger. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0B8bMnIt4bM&feature=youtube_gdata]Batman Arkham Origins Copperhead Boss Fight - YouTube[/ame] Can anybody help?
  11. The update just went up on Steam to remove GFWL from Arkham City on PC. This means you can no longer get XBox achievements in the game.
  12. Sent you a friend request. My GT is Blind Lester.
  13. I hope this fares better than Microsoft's Game Room. I really liked MGR; it's a pity it puttered out so soon. According to Joystiq the first set of games - 1943, Avengers and Black Tiger - will cost 400 points, and future sets will cost 800, though still only containing three games apiece. Wasn't pricing what sent MGR down the drain? Or was it game selection? It's gonna be hard to swallow CAC's prices for a bunch of old, easily emulated arcade titles. And I really hope the achievement list grows with each new pack; no new cheevos means no purchase from me.
  14. The mini-games may give you some grief. There's a Mario Paint-esque flyswatter game that involves a lot of time commitment and patience. I thought the tilt-control games were pretty fun. Anything besides the mini-games is strictly push button, get achievement. For those interested, NewEgg has the Marvel Super Squad uDraw game for $6.99 with free shipping, if you want to hammer out the achievements for all the uDraw games. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16874169086
  15. HEY GUYS http://www.play-asia.com/Muchi_Muchi_Pork_Pink_Sweets_Cave_Best_Version/paOS-13-71-br-49-en-70-5u8b.html Turns out you can get this game for a cool $39.99 plus shipping come February next year. A lot better than the $100-200 gouging going on eBay and Amazon. You can preorder now, so we can all bitch to each other how goddamn aggravating the achievements are come February. LOVE IS IN THE AIR. FOR ACHIEVEMENTS.
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