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  1. You were right, thanks. For some reason this was not mentioned in the roadmap
  2. Hey There, I have the complete edition of the game but I can not get the French connection achievement to unlock. I won multiple times on Monaco circuits but it never popped. Do I need to do this on a certain track or another racing mode other than rallycross?
  3. Offering to boost online, whatever you need. Just hit me up on XBL (msg what you need boosted) and addme as a friend. GT Localhorst86
  4. What? 50 gems? I will habe to catch a plane across the big pond then....
  5. Well, no. So fat the GPS one didn't unlock for me after obtaining 4 jewels via GPS. The equip a skill one popped after I bought a second secondary skill and switched them.
  6. Hello there, I am really struggling with Tennis in this game. No matter what I do, I can not return the ball anywhere else but the middle or the opposite side of the field (diagonaly). How can I correctly control the ball? often I'd want to return the ball to the same screen side, as in: I am standing on the right hand side outline and I want to return the ball in a way the opponent has to run to the right side of the screen as well (into the left field as seen from the opponents side) - basically a straight line. I do not seem to be able to do that...
  7. Hi there, I just need to people to add to my friends list and hug, so I can get the final achievement for Portal 2. I can offer my help for Tripple Crown, Still Alive and/or Iron Grip in return. GT= Localhorst86
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