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  1. I think the "Acid Trip" achievement is bugged. It is unlocked by 0% of the gamers tracked on True Achievements and I never got it when I went back to the landing caves from flashpoint. I'll have to restart the game once I finish, almost done. Edit: I would hold off on the last level in the hotspots, a few achievements are also bugged.
  2. I thought that too at first until I opened the achievements app instead of snapping it.
  3. This is so wrong. Aside from cosmetics, there are unlock-able upgrades for your weapons.
  4. I need stock weapons if anyone has them please. Thankyou GT: Gruber_Hof
  5. I never got to thank you earlier. Thank you, friend. It came in great help.
  6. Surprisingly enough, The Devil's Cartel was announced. I don't even think you are playing as Salem/Rios since it's a "refresh". However, they should take your ideas into consideration.
  7. It will be near-impossible now since the whole website was remodeled for The Devil's Cartel... Who knows if you can even create a customized mask now...
  8. Just me, but I think the collector's edition could have been better...
  9. OXM suggested it might be $5 or 400msp
  10. Gruber Hof

    Fresh Air

    I figured out the best way to get fresh air is to get just about 20-30k ish points with all fresh moves and then bail out on freestyle by letting your gas tank run empty. If you are in the first place then you will automatically get it. Also useful if you're stuck on some freestyle races too.
  11. Sorry for the bump.. But this is well needed for new players. I managed to get the achievement in the game itself.
  12. Thanks alot, it seemed to work... But when I tried it on freestyle... There was no way.
  13. Just thought I'd let you know... It's working perfectly for me.
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