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  1. Had this problem since launch , hours of progress lost and still no sign of it getting fixed. Oh well this will be the last Deus ex title I waste my money on.... I just wish some of the reviews had highlighted these issues people have had and are still having
  2. My game is now unplayable due to it crashing every time I get the subway loading screen.
  3. 48th time and I get the win , found fighting in the narrow bit by the stairs to be key for me . so I guess the moral is keep plugging away
  4. Still can't beat the first boss, I think I may have wasted my money on this game . Watched plenty of guides just can't get my char to move the same way, enjoying it though even though I suck monkey balls
  5. It's a pity I didn't know about this stupidly hard (compared to the rest of the game) battle before I bought the game. While a challenge is all well and good this was so out of place and ruins the game for me. Also whoever decided that you go right back pre cut scene when you die wants a good kicking.
  6. I don't care what anyone says the Tiger is the best tank ever and the BT-7 is a fighter jet , darting around the map getting into all kind of scrapes
  7. I have no problem with "short" games , the problem is that many reviewers will make such titles down and therefore developers add all these false things to extend the game (assassin creed is the zenith of this) Falsely extending a game is worse than a short game, a short game will offer better replay and those that fill the map with stuff to do becomes a chore and you are less likely to play again.
  8. I was yesterday evening , but so far so good
  9. Wehrmacht and Soviet tanks all the way!
  10. And now it's showing... Back to Witcher until I know it's ready
  11. Except all trace of ODST has vanished...it's showing on MCC but not on xbox store....I cant download it and it's not showing as being there on the first place Handy tip don't release the content until its ready...
  12. Same here, installation stopped...
  13. All this would be valid if this was all the doing of Microsoft except this delay has nothing to do with them, you can blame Warners and techland instead
  14. The 10 year plan never applied to a single game but to sequels and DLC. . I wouldn't mind the grind if there was the content to do other things but there isn't. MMOs succeed because there is a mass of content that appeals to all types of players. Destiny needs to up its game if teh IP will last the 10 years
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