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  1. GT: Mittens2317 Game: South Park: The Fractured but Whole
  2. Does NobodySmiling mean anything to you?

  3. Was like they did a sketch for Red Nose Day/Comic Relief. Seriously awful. Especially considering this is my first and only playthrough. Just too out of place and a sheer waste of money...
  4. I'm fucking about. Clever. Coz only schoolies use swear words, anyone older than 16 is much too sophisticated and driven by the desire to use perfect 19th Century etiquette to even consider it.
  5. You're all cunts, the highest rated players I've got out of packs are Barry and Fabregas. The rest have been 75s n 77s. That's it. I hate packs...
  6. TBF, Professional's easy as fuck. World Class and Legendary are difficult, yet Ultimate's easier. Strangely designed game, put it that way.
  7. Right, so when you're playin a shit team, it lowers the attributes of your players like tinkering with the Player/CPU customisation? Wouldn't that defeat the object of building a superior squad? Ah well, I guess it'd explain why my players' first touch is woeful in whole matches sometimes and why Joe Hart's handling can be next to zero on occasion.
  8. Far Cry 3 billed as GOTY in your review. Nothing to do with the ad campaign on the site, obviously... ;)

  9. Buying a Gold Premium pack and only getting rare stadiums and footballs...
  10. Yeah, I'm having the same problem. It seems to be that XP isn't being earned by playing games, and results are not being posted on the news feed. Every other way of earning XP is working fine though (opening gold packs, buying a player from your favourite team, skill challenges, booting up the disc, etc.) Funny that it seems to have occurred just after they fixed the invisible ball glitch.
  11. Yeah, I was bitterly disappointed with this considering how much I enjoyed SHvJTR. I were proper gutted when I got to Whitechapel and it wasn't the same layout. I was lookin forward to havin a look about the ol' stomping ground.
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