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  1. Managed to get it. If anyone else on PC needs this boosted, send me a message through XBL and I'll try & help.
  2. Hey guys, does anyone wanna help boost this? The other thread is full of guys on the 360, but I'm on the rather dead PC version where there is hardly ever a game going! If anyone wants to boost "With A Little Help" (play with 3 people on your friends list), please leave your name here & tag. Mine is Sean Bahamut. I have Florence Nightingale Award 2.0, so you can grab that off me if you need it whilst we play.
  3. Your shield is doing well man, its on the first page with all the other good designs. Good luck
  4. Good to hear. I'm uninstalling now, Halo 2 has had its day
  5. Have you done this yet Stu? I'm going to uninstall H2 soon
  6. Yeah what I mean is that if you're having any problems getting the full 5 (e.g. someone is a no-show on the day), then I'll gladly pop into the game if I'm online.
  7. Add me on friends Stu. I dont need the achievements but I'm willing to help (if I'm online) when you boost for Killtacular. As thats the only one you need 5 people for, I'll leave after you've all got the achievement. I wont commit to a time/date though, just hit me up if you need and I'm online.
  8. Hi did you see my last message on the thread? I cant message back on GfWL as I do not have Gold account

  9. Hi jamal. I know this is stupid on a 360 site, but I currently dont have a 360 (and so dont have a Gold account). This means I cant send you a message through Live (but I can still read your messages). I dont need Gold to play Windows Live games though, so its fine for Halo 2. I've accepted your friend request, just send me a message letting me know what time you guys plan on boosting and if I'm about I will help.
  10. Sorry guys but someone invited me to their boosting session so I have the achievements now. You can do Rainman & Violent Cartographer with 2 AFKs as long as the host is present (only takes 3 people) though, so I'm perfectly happy to sit in your boosting lobby while you get the achievements. I'll just have the game minimised and do other things on my PC at the time. If you need help with Decorated Soldier then I can actively help boost those first before I go AFK.
  11. I loved FO3. I completed it once before, but relatively recently re-bought the GOTY version and am now playing through the DLC again on this gamer-profile. FO:NV would have been the better game, if my experience with it hadn't been soured by the ridiculous abundance of glitches upon release. I could at least play it on release, but a patch a day or so afterwards messed up my game so that I couldn't kill any enemies (they were all just knocked unconscious, meaning no XP and they would wake up and attack me from behind a minute later). This led to me not play the game until way after all the DLC had come out. I've completed it now, and loved it, but I still cant quite love it like I did FO3. As for one of the best? Nah. Its great, but there are an awful lot of great games out there.
  12. This, this, this, this! I understand that people like playing with friends, and chatting, but it completely goes against the DS setting. I would like it so people on your friends lists are the more likely ones to invade you, rather than join you! Adding in that constant kind of fear of treachery would make this game more interesting. People playing with friends just means that you're more likely to be up against 2 people chatting on Skype/TeamSpeak/Mumble/Ventrillo and its simply cheap & unfair (maybe a way to reduce this, summons are banished when someone invades, so its 1v1? Although I'm sure some people like going against 2v1 to really test themselves). Thanks for the interview link, good read. I think the game just needs a quick verification for invasions. When someone's character goes through the servers it should just check whether they have "believable" stats for their level. I had to start task-manager closing my game when getting invaded in Anor Londo (PC version) because EVERY person had an infinite health trainer (except one, who got really annoyed I had quit out, and we had a bit of a XBox message convo about it. All was forgiven in the end!)
  13. Cheers jamal, I'm in the UK so the times that suit you will almost certainly be fine for me
  14. What time (& timezone) will you guys be doing this? If its ok, I am willing to be #5.
  15. Thanks Vee, I must have completely missed that! (dunno how)
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