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  1. They unlocked all the in-game content for everyone, but they closed down the shop and the daily quest as well as the ranking, so some achievement are now Locked. I can confirm that you can still have the 500 solo wins because I got this one today, the last I needed.
  2. Hi, I completely forgot about the physical edition release and now it seems too late to order from EBgames, BestBuy or my local video game store and I doubt they have it at Walmart/Toys'R'us. Anyone could point me where I could buy it (Mostly online store)? I live in Canada by the way. I found the collector edition for Windows and I was also wondering if it exist on Xbox One or Xbox has only a physical edition of the base game?
  3. Anyone still playing this game? Is there an Alliance for Xbox Achievements users? or any for any kind of Xbox Achievements hunters? If not, would you be willing to join one? I need help with this game and it would be helpful to be part of an Alliance.
  4. This achievement is glitched for me. Any ways of fixing this? I succeed more than once with far less than a minute, tried it on the puzzle that is shown in the guide, tried it with the one on Playstation Trophy website, never unlocked.
  5. I was wondering... is the forum kind of half dead? I mean, when I was playing games on the Xbox 360, I never fell on an empty board or even a game without an achievement guide (don't get me wrong, I know this can be a hell of a work, to build an achievement guide). On almost every game I start playing that are not big AAA titles, no one is asking for help anymore, no one is giving advice, no one is participating in those games forum. Is there a reason behind all this? Is the achievement hunting going down? I end up following achievement guide on Steam everytime, because even on trueachievement, some games are empty. It is always the same guys that are around here (Not that I don't like you guys) but why is there rarely new faces? Back in the days, I knew no one, seems like there was tons of new and different faces everywhere on every board. Is it because there is just too many release? Or people are all stuck on those long free mmo games, sucking all their gaming time?
  6. I'd say 10/10. It is extremely hard to do all the achievements. Just finding 3 more skilled player is a reasonable argument for 10/10 :'D
  7. Anyone managed to 100% complete this game? I can't play it at all anymore. It freeze and kick me out every 2 minutes. I wasn't able to do the tutorial at the beginning because it kept freezing. I read on Trueachievement someone had the same problem but on Windows Phone. The solution to fix it was to play offline which I did and it helped me play during 2 hours without a crash, but it suddenly crashed anyways and now it keep crashing over and over making it impossible for me to play it. Anyone got a fix?
  8. Professionnal? The minute I entered this game, I got the same feeling I get when I play game based on movie. It look cheap. Remind me of Castlevania on PS2. I decided I would play it anyways since I bought it. After a couple of hours in, I had fun, but I still find it hard to move the camera around and targeting enemies is a pain, it keep losing track of enemies when there is too much action going on. There is more content then I thought there would be, even if many of the area are just too big for nothing since they are empty (It really does feel like a Castlevania on PS2! Even the way it jump). The music is good. I am no fan of anime but I like the characters, I find the guy funny. I am now stucked on the second wing boss and third wing boss and decided I would call it a quit. Boss are the worst part of this game, it always feel like an endurance battle, how many hit can you do before dying? Some boss attack just seem impossible to dodge, and sometimes when you get hit, it is over, you can't even use the RB button to avoid getting knocked before the next attack hit you and it can drain your whole HP bar in a matter of second. Not fun enought to restart over and over; this isn't Dark Souls. The last part of the 3rd major boss (Jonathan) is impossible if you don't have 100% of your HP at this point, even on youtube video I watched, people just get close to the boss avoiding its attack and then they can't anymore and just rush through the boss attack hoping for the best. Had fun, but wouldn't recommend this game. Easy mode is too hard for me. I might give it a last try tomorow while showing the game to my gf, if I succeed, cool I'll continue, if I fail, too bad I won't care really much. Edit: While showing the game to my gf, I managed to beat the 3rd boss, unlocking new levels. I am actually happy to be able to play it more!
  9. Yeah, the achievement you would unlock by pre-ordering the Xbox One on the Microsoft Store via the Xbox 360. It is worth 0 gamer score but still appear in my achievement list.
  10. I was wondering if they made another attempt with an achievement for pre-ordering the Xbox One X on the Microsoft Store?
  11. I call them timed achievenent because they are achievement; they appear in my achievement list, and there was a time limit to finish them. So challenge or achievement, they were timed. X)
  12. I just bought Forza 6 and it reminded me of the timed achievement during Forza 5 and I was wondering if there are anymore on any game?
  13. I can't believe it. Nothing in this game work except moving and hitting. I've been trying to play co-op with my gf and we kept trying to understand the game bit there is nothing to understand. - Loot are so random and broken, you see a chest, look inside it, there is a bad loot. Oops! 1/4 of the time the game decide it takes the item inside the chest without your consent and it replace your equipment. Want to take it back? Sometimes the chest disapear or sometimes your equipment just transform into something worst. -You can also look to a loot in a chest, step back, look again and wtf! Different stats. -The loot also show you when stats get better (appearing in green) or worst (appearing in red) but sometimes it just doesn't show you that you are about to lose all of one stats. - You can save and quit but if you do, you lose all your money! - If player a player grab the key, hes the only one who can open the door which is annoying and useless. - Sometimes you get stuck in a room, no more enemies, no keys. I could go on and on about how s***** this game is, though I just wrote the worst probleme. This game really is a piece of crap. There are tons of Flash games on internet that are better then this and people put more effort into making those, and they are free. Why is this game out on Xbox? And why did it earn a Plus version? And why is there a Bit Dungeon II? What the **** is wrong with the gaming community? Did people enjoyed that game!? Or is it only the co-op version that is broken and you all played solo? I don't know I never tried it Solo.
  14. So are we going to get our gilded heroes back at one point??? I spent a lot of rubies on those... and those damn auto-clicker, what is their use? I see no difference when applying them on monsters, + it nulify iddle bonus... pretty useless as those idle bonus do work while the game is turned off.
  15. I just played a game against a player, you know the ones who aren't that good at MTG or are beginner and bought all cards, all foiled, and everything else you can buy, with real money. I am using a simple deck which I made during the first week, and has no planeswalker but still solid. That guys played 5 Planeswalker during the game, and you know the deal, you have to get rid of those or else they either handicap you; you can't bypass 5 planeswalker trying to kill a player instead. This make the MTG unfair. I ended up losing after 30 minutes even if I got rid of all his planeswalker. We should only be allowed to have 1 planeswalker by deck, or at least one at a time on the battlefield. They are like an extra card you play everyturn for no mana. My deck can face many planeswalker but still lose against 5! I am sure that many players would be down after 2 planeswalker... my deck allowed me to trick and mess around, it is a blue deck, I was able to return some of its planeswalker before they reached their final perk, but I eventually had to kill them and if it wasn't about wasting like 20 life point attack on planeswalker instead of the player, I would have won this fair and square since that player didn't seem to know how to play (if I had his play, I would have kicked the s*** out of my deck). This is unbalanced. It is appealing for people who like to pay to win. I had fun playing against those planeswalker but this ain't fun if it happen many time, and this would be a major turn off for a new comer.
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