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  1. Yeah you must be right because my collectables achievement finally popped but still at 99% on those 2 areas. The new thing though is now the final area says 99% as well but the whole map is pink and discovered. Weird! Thank you for clarifying.
  2. Basically I'm at the end of the game. I've already gotten the map stone and used it to unlock all the collectables on my map. Went around and got everything that showed but for some reason those 2 locations are sitting at 99%. I've looked very closely and still nothing else has popped up. Is this a glitch or are there a couple secret locations? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Also need the 6 man freeskate achievement. Only have EA access til Jan 16th. GT: Coojo78 Thanks
  4. Coojo78

    Rage Coins

    You the man. I should have guessed. Thanks for clarifying that for me.
  5. Coojo78

    Rage Coins

    Hello. Considering starting this today since it's on game pass but was hoping that someone that has already played the game could answer a question for me regarding the rage coins and purchasable dlc's. Are these coins earned in game or are they micro transactions only? Thanks ahead of time.
  6. Dope guide! Do you know if this games achievements are going to stay single player or if they plan on adding MP ones later?
  7. Looking to do ALL the co-op endurance achievements. GT: Coojo78
  8. Still looking to get "Polyamory" after all these years and possibly the other multiplayer ones once I relearn all the damn controls. HMU. GT: Coojo78
  9. Probably a lil late to the party but lookin to get the multiplayer achievements done. HMU. GT: Coojo78
  10. Looking to find 3 dedicated players for the Slaughterstar 3000 Circle of Slaughter. I've gotten the other 2 with randoms but for some reason folks seem to always quit out on this particular map. I understand it's hard and that being locked out to find yourself up top sniping is annoying but I'm sick of getting close only to find out that 2 of your teammates left the game. Would be great to get this one done. Anybody up for it, add me. Thanks! GT: Coojo78
  11. Great guide! On another note...from what I'm hearing, the one in Athenas after the Holy Spirits mission IS missable. Not sure why Gearbox decided to lock that door afterward considering it's a reward for completion but it's kind of ridiculous. I did the mission and I swear ol boy never opened the door for me after talking to him. Went back numerous times and sure enough, I can see it through the fence but the damn door is locked and he can't talk anymore. So either my game glitched or I went full blown Stevie Wonder. Either way, I'm taken back by that decision. For those of us that did the mission and missed it, did we not earn that chest? Why lock the door?
  12. If your impatient like I am and don't wanna wait for a partner, try a Maliwan gun with ricochet bullets. Got it done in about 10-12 tries. If that's not your cup o tea, then add me and I'll gladly help a fellow gamer. Usually on after hours, pacific time.
  13. Was having a blast with this game. Over 60+ hours invested, hundreds of missions played, all map uncovered, level 53 and all of a sudden I have no quests in the log or on the map. I heard this was a thing that was patched a long time ago. Prior saves aren't working either, it's as if my files got corrupted. If anybody has any tips on how to work around this, it would be GREATLY appreciated. Also, one more question. Once I kill cultists, is it normal for them to come back again at a higher level?
  14. Looking to get my rank 34 to at least a 50. Looking for folks who wanna get it done while the July 4th bonuses are goin. Thanks.
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