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  1. I finished all multiplayer maps a few years ago. Now I would like to get done the SP. But I noticed I am missing 2 sparks. I have got: "Drain Soul" "Feather Dance" But I am missing: "Furious" (which I need...) "Deflect" I checked the leaderboards and everything is completed. Anyone else with this problem?
  2. i unlocked all chapters with my main account. but how do i play as lynch without replaying all chapters? i can only select the first chapter when i load up the game with my dummy.
  3. bit late to the party, huh? TA had a session. around 120 people got the achievements. the blockers are already nearly back at top. have fun.
  4. i started with sigs like this...: http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m284/DriZzT87/Signaturen/Hellsing2.png and here are some newer sigs. http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m284/DriZzT87/Signaturen/hitman_signature.png http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m284/DriZzT87/Signaturen/UT3.png http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m284/DriZzT87/Signaturen/longsugar2.jpg http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m284/DriZzT87/Signaturen/Aspect_Jess_alba_Sig.jpg
  5. you really have to work on your way to add text. looks like different layers but it should look like one.
  6. goty edition + strategy guide cost 15 bucks here in germany. not that expensive
  7. yes. i got my archangel achievement in a special challenge.
  8. wind does not count? i have this green sword icon with my mage's weapon. i thought that would count too.
  9. I only have TDM left but I am not sure how to boost that. Yesterday I tried Bots: Fill (Insane) Weapons: Boomshot Friendly Fire: On Bleed Out: 15 sec Respawns: 10 Rounds: 1 no second controller weapon respawn after use But I already read that you should NOT enable FF. And someone else said I should replace boomshots with digger launchers. What's the fastest method?
  10. nevermind. and btw my steelbook edition is not patched
  11. hey anubus, you really started the game xD i was talking about quake when we were boosting fear 2 but you didnt listen. just wanna let you know that you can get all other achievements (assists, excellents, kills, flags,...) when you go for leaderboards.
  12. Drizzt1987

    German Quake4

    hm. number 1 is not the problem. but you need a few people to get the 5k matches done. of course 8 people would be best but thats nearly impossible if you dont have 8 boxes/copies.
  13. lol...i am from germany and wouldnt never buy this version xD dead bodies, blood, gore = gone and of course you dont get quake 2. i 1000'd the international version. thats enough for me. but the german version is like 3 bucks here.
  14. i got the steelbook edition and deleted the patch. i tried the wall on mission 11 and after a few seconds i was standing in the wall and saw a tree with missing textures around. i guess i can use the glitch somehow but i dont fall. i still do something wrong. and which hut do you mean on mission 9? thats the hardest mission and dont want to play that again. already did that in coop....
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