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  1. I've never played CVX and was wondering... how exactly hard and scary is this game?
  2. Hey man, could I add you on Xbox Live? I saw you replied to my RE4 Bottlecaps post so I figured we could talk about crap lol


    I tried adding you but H2O Abazaba doesn't seem to work, lol

  3. 3 Achievements left 15 Weapons All Weapons Fully Upgrade all characters I need some motivation to grind the XP I need any ideas? End of the Line farming is horrendously boring. Tell me, what are YOU guys doing for it?
  4. Making a team of people for boosting add Exenteration and we'll get it going!
  5. Okay guys...I finished the game, going to do the Ada missions, then its off to do Professional... I need... *Tips *Tricks and most of all.. *MOTIVATION! If someone (or more than one person) could add me on XBL to talk me through it and keep me going, giving me advice, etc. I'd be eternally grateful Gamertag: Exenteration
  6. Fuck these bottlecaps. Nothing I do works. fuck this. I can't even get a good enough score on game B. tips? Though I probably still won't be able to do it.... EDIT Fuck you, bottle caps, I win.
  7. Can anyone help us here? We've been at it for ages.
  8. SPOILERS Ok so I'm toward the end of the game where the greybeards want you to Talk to the storm cloaks and imperials about a peace council. Right before this I joined the storm cloaks and didn't get the crown My problem here is that ulrich storm cloak or w/e asks why I'm not with the bear pelt guy to get the crown. Bear pelt guy says he doesn't know how I convinced ulrich to talk to the imperials. Problem is... I never DID. The grey beard guy still says I need to do it... I really don't want to start over. Is there a way to fix this?
  9. So, I 1k'd this game and I know basically ALL the achievements are piss easy, but I'll offer advice to anyone who needs it! I'm more often on xbox, so feel free to add or message me GT: Exenteration
  10. OH GOD YES! 1k! thanks to everyone who contributed!
  11. Odd... I went back and said that 3 times now and I didn't get it. I hope you don't mind but I sent a friend request so we can look into it
  12. Very underrated game haha I love it And thanks alot man!
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