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  1. ok say I had to unhook the enternet cable because I was waiting for a new internet service then could I still sign on??
  2. MariaXPunk

    X-Box Live

    Ok let's say my membership for live ran up and I took out my ethernet cord could I still log into my name?
  3. Thanks for the friends request! :)

  4. Not jealous at all! Enjoy!

  5. its awesome and ill add you next time im on

  6. How is LA Noire? I'm getting it tomorrow through gamefly and can't wait to play it. You can add me on xbox live(my gamertag is Raiders) if you want to play battlefield or whatever sometime.

  7. well I got La Noire so I'm all good

  8. right now playing La Noire

    also play bad company 2....black ops...resident evil 5...fallout 3

  9. That's no good! You'd better find something to do, quick sharp! No games you need to finish off or anything?

  10. Not much right now, I just signed on to watch a movie on netflix. What games do you play?

  11. anytime what is up??

  12. Hey thanks for the add.

  13. im bored//////

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