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  1. I should have mentioned that I spent most of iso playing Medieval Dynasty and SnowRunner. That was until my power supply in my PC started acting up. I've been tempted to start Train Sim World 2. I played the first one on GP and really enjoyed it. Thought 2 was a step up but may hold off if it's buggy.
  2. Being stuck in isolation for a week I fired up the Series S to jump back into the backlog. Started Crysis 3 after finishing 1 and 2 ages ago. Still the weakest in the series but bearable. Also felt like more GTA so I picked up where I left off in SA. The recent updates have helped and it plays quite well now. Haven't had any technical issues which is nice. Also started Rainbow Six Extraction and I'm hooked so far. Decent gameplay and well incorporated progression system. Not sure how long the appeal will last but there's a decent amount of content to get through. As much as I enjoyed the RNG of the maps and objectives there have been a few spikes that ramp the challenge up to 11.
  3. I felt the exact same way when I played through it. Everyone made it out to be some master piece but while it had a lot of positives it has quite a few negatives. Agree with you on the gameplay and story. I am tempted to play through 2 but if the gameplay is as repetitive I might just watch a playthrough on youtube.
  4. Kind of glad I've been spending less and less time online browsing gaming news. I kind of like that they keep the formula mostly the same, more of a good thing isn't bad. Didn't realise you can pre-install, will have to do that tonight!
  5. After avoiding it for two years I finally caught Covid. Went to a farewell for a friend on Friday night. We sat upstairs in the pub where it was quiet but to leave we had to go down through the dance floor area past a bunch of 18 and 19 year olds. I blame them, damn youths.
  6. Last night I was remined of why I enjoy the simplistic 'plug and play' approach to console gaming. I managed to pick up copies of Arkham Asylum and GOTY GFWL for cheap to do the stack but am having a terrible time getting them to run. Finally fixed the error getting the launcher to work only to be met with a brand new error. The worst part is everyone seems to have a different experience getting things to work.
  7. When I gave a shit about TA stuff I noticed a lot of simulation games have high ratios. I burned through a bunch when Sydney was in lockdown and got my ratio up to 2.3 That's because people start them, realise they're fighting games then don't come back to them😉
  8. Went ahead and bought the Dynasties of India DLC for AoE2. More of the same but in a good way. I like how much support they're giving this game. Only annoyance is two of the achievements are incredibly tedious.
  9. On the one hand I like that it's simplistic but it gets old quick. They could have made it more lethal in that you take down enemies in one or two hits but you go down quick too. The tougher enemies that take forever to down get old real fast.
  10. Decided to give Trek To Yomi a try. Really unique aesthetic and style but the combat gets old pretty quick. I wish there were more options for fighting similar to the AC Chronicles games but overall not bad. My village in Medieval Dynasty is coming along nicely. As much as I like there being different areas to focus on and level up, I just wish the survival tree levelled faster. The others are progressing smoothly but I've slaughtered just about every animal in a 200 metre radius and I'm barely at level 3. Feels bad killing all the bunnies.
  11. I missed the big shutdown yesterday but not having an offline mode is something devs need to implement. I still haven't gone back to Hitman 3 because they kept booting me form the server every two minutes, same thing with Just Cause 4. I wouldn't have minded if I could sacrifice the online components for a smooth experience but apparently that wasn't an option.
  12. Can I please request some shiny, 600k and 700k? Forum: DEG23 GT: BladedShepherd
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