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  1. Considering I started the year being tired of grinding for achievements my goal this year is to play more games for fun and not worry so much about completing all achievements. This also means tackling some games that have been sitting on my shelf for several years now that I kept putting off because of their achievement lists e.g. RDR2.
  2. That's impressive. I started off going for all titles but got sick of them around The Force Awakens and I also missed several of the Marvel and non-movie ones. I like the improvements they made from the earlier ones like the open world hubs but the games themselves started getting too repetitive. I'm actually looking forward to the Skywalker Saga one but I'll probably wait for a sale.
  3. Ever since hitting 500k I've lost interest in chasing achievements and no game is holding my interest. After enjoying SnowRunner so much last year I figured I would play it on console. After starting if off I noticed there's a wealth of DLC available. Despite no achievements I went ahead and bought the year 1 season pass and for $40 this is basically a brand new game. All new maps and mechanics plus vehicles. In the past I've mostly bought dlc for achievements but I'm really enjoying just playing a game for fun. If year 2 is the same I'll be playing this game for a while to come.
  4. I have so many to start but no desire to😄 Will be interesting to see what comes to GP. I haven't played a COD game in years, mainly because I don't like them enough to buy them for the price they ask but if they came to GP...
  5. Stuck in that gaming rut. Every time I sit down to play something I last about two minutes before I lose interest. I'm hoping the Hitman updates might get me out of the funk.
  6. About a year ago I got into making hot sauces and experimenting with different flavours and chilies. I recently got a hold of a small bunch of Carolina Reaper chilies and made a passionfruit sauce, a tomato, capsicum and garlic sauce, and a cherry honey bourbon sauce. All three turned out surprisingly tasty and balanced, really happy with this batch.
  7. My first thought was 500 hours is a lot of time. Then I looked at my stats for Skyrim Special Edition and I've put in 700 hours🤔 but to be fair that's mostly because of mods. My second closet is Hitman 2 at 250 hours.
  8. I could be wrong but it seems like it has a slightly further reach than some of the others. I tried the bow because I saw quite a few people mentioning they preferred it but just couldn't get into a good rhythm with it.
  9. Thanks! I can't remember exactly but I want to say about 18. I went with the shield based on your earlier post. After a few tries it felt like things just clicked with it and I managed most fights quite easily.
  10. So many of them are incredibly mundane but there's something about finishing a job that keeps you coming back from more!
  11. Finally walked away from Evil Genius 2. The game is too grindy and is wearing down my enjoyment of it. Finally completed a first run of Hades, a few close moments but finally felt like I got the hang of it. Started up Lawn Mowing Simulator and like most simulation games, there's something oddly relaxing about mowing lawns. Not sure I'll go for the completion in this, probably just play it as long as it's fun.
  12. My Series S did that at first. Straight to the dashboard. I think it was set up that way as default or maybe I selected that as an option during setup. Mine now goes cold when I do a full shutdown. Hope it's that and not another issue.
  13. Oooh looking forward to it. I just started the game myself after seeing several people recommend it. So far I've only beat the first level but I'm having a blast. Still a little confused by what the achievements actually involve. Despite complaining about Evil Genius 2 I'm on my 3rd character run and going for all loot. Figured I had 2/3s of the achievements done so why not go for the completion. Just annoying how particular you have to be on this loot/henchmen run.
  14. Even a port will be fun to play again with achievements. Nice that they included the cheat runs as achievements although some of those like Facility are a pain in the ass to get. Just hope it's not too expensive.
  15. All good I never played the original either but overall this one's enjoyable, good tongue and check humour. Not sure if I'll go for the completion though, it will take a long time.
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