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  1. Yes I am 99,9% sure that there were 6 enemies in this camp, especially since that camp is said to be the one that glitches, so I paid extra attention when approaching it and it was the last one I cleared, I think there were 2 guys with a crossbow, 1 shield guy and 3 normal soldiers. If you say there are only 4 enemies in your game then it's very likely that this camp is the problem.
  2. Playing on PS4 and didn't get "Wild Rose Dethorned" either, but I was able to get it by realoading an older savegame and clearing the 7 camps in video, so you don't even have to clear all 8 camps. I did not fast travel while clearing the camps, and I counted the red dots on the minimamp before entering each camp and counted the bodies I looted after I cleared each camp in order to be sure that no enemies had vanished during the fight. All camps have 6 enemies except for the one north of the Zuetzer Castle travelpoint, that one had 11 enemies. Hope this helps somehow.
  3. I need help with this side-quest. I have to find a coil in the Military Base and I've spend the last 15 minutes searching the generator room where it's supposed to be without success. I feel really stupid right now, but could somebody help me out? Edit: Never mind, it was a glitch and I had to restart the game to make the coil appear.
  4. I'm playing this game on ps3, so I don't know if you want to use my information, but I can confirm that using bone charms´doesn't lock the "Mostly Flesh and Steel" trophy.
  5. Finished the game on insanity today with my imported Infiltrator and found it a lot easier than ME2. There was one fight in the game that nearly drove me mad though, I never really cared about health and shield boosts for my Infiltrator since I wanted to max out his weapon/ headshot damage and this worked great for 95% of the game, I simply didn't expect something like the fight with [spoiler=bla] Kai Leng which was an absolute nightmare because he could kill me in seconds...
  6. There are 12 combat challenges and 12 stealth challenges, you can get 3 Medals in each of those challenges, those are the 72 ranked medals. And there are 12 campaign missions. For each campaign mission you have to complete 3 of the 24 challenges in a row, which means you can get 9 medals in each campaign mission, which means there are 108 campaign medals. So there's a total of 180 medals you have to earn.
  7. So there's this pysical challenge where you have to "Aerial Attack off a stunned enemy into another" and I have no idea how to do that
  8. Well, if we write down all collectibles we found and it turns out that all of us are missing the same collectible, we can assume that it's not a glitch. (Given that there is a collectible in the 72nd location of course)
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