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  1. I *think* I'm caught up. Let me know if I missed anything.
  2. Hey everyone! I'll be working on getting this thread updated tomorrow. I already got a message from Scotty previously about Subscriber Clubs; is there anything else that needs updated/added?
  3. Will do, and thank you for the extra post!
  4. Taken care of! Thanks for the reminders everyone. Should be caught up now.
  5. Thank you for all the birthday wishes everyone! :)

  6. Happy birthday man!

  7. Happy Birthday, Tatanko! :)

  8. Happy birthday Tatanko. Have a great day. :D

  9. Tatanko


    This confused the heck out of me the first time it happened as well. There was no warning of it either, since all of your "old" friends from the 360 just carried over as mutual followers. I guess I just don't see the benefit?
  10. Tatanko

    4K or Not

    To the OP: I say wait a few more years. 1080p televisions are only getting cheaper as that category matures, so you can probably get a really good deal on one with Black Friday coming up soon. More importantly, 4K TVs are currently a lot of expense for very little-to-no payoff in picture quality. Any benefit you see compared to your current television would be from advancements in display hardware (like backlighting), not increased resolution. They're one of those things, at the moment, where you should really only get one if you have a bunch of money burning a hole in your pocket and spend all of your time in front of a television. I know you're concerned with future-proofing, but it will still be another few years before there is enough 4K content to truly make the purchase worthwhile.
  11. At this point, the guy got his answer a while ago: too many people using the service at once. It's really that simple
  12. Definitely. When I got my console a week ago, I was astounded that a year after release the dashboard was still basically a blank slate. Didn't seem like the future to me
  13. Agreed. I just picked up my Xbox about a week ago and I'm glad I waited. I was able to get a sweet limited edition console, with a game, for much cheaper than a year ago. I never wanted Kinect in the first place, so I'm glad Sony wore down Microsoft and forced their hand on a few key things like making Kinect non-mandatory for the sake of price.
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