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  1. Hey Lee, just found out that split screen has been removed from Halo 5. Haven't seen an article? Might be worth mentioning! :)

  2. Cereal I was thinking about this. I played it from 1pm-3am on Wednesday and 1pm-6:30pm on Thursday, with breaks for food and stuff. So that's about 18 hours? On Medium. But here's the thing. That time includes me repeatedly ballsing up sections and getting lost. If I played it again I'd cut that in half, maybe. Definitely knock a load of hours off. I also super stealthed everything, which is much quicker. Dan got through the first human encounter by killing them all but it took him AGES. A good couple of hours, just for that, cos you're not really supposed to play it that way. So it depends how you approach it.
  3. I'm in a tent somewhere so apols for the short replies. Lemons The main things I remember about Resurection are the shitty alien and the way it gets sucked out the window. It IS funny. I've kinda not been following The Evil Within much. Been trying to avoid as many details as poss to keep it fresh. Kinda difficult for me. Dead Space. I chuffing love that game, but yeah that's the structure. To be fair nearly all Alien is the same kinda deal. It's just in that section I talked about that it becomes a pain. DLC. They gave us the code for 'em, but they don't go live until next week. Can't wait! Weirdly, the first demo I played of Isolation isn't in the game at all. Guessing it's now one of the DLCs. Jack "An assload of fuck" made me laugh. Funnily enough, I was watching some random making of for Alien 3 today, where they were talking about how the story changed. Gibson's script sounds interesting. Dirty Yeah I thought it was great. I hope you like it too dude. Just bear in mind that if dying and retrying stuff repeatedly isn't your thing, then Alien might not be for you.
  4. The cutscenes do look great, but they drop frames. Didn't have space to say that in my review. And yeah, there's a section about three quarters of the way through that dragged. You're just powering shit up repeatedly. I took a break, came back to it the next day, breezed through end enjoyed the last few hours which change things up a little.
  5. A couple more things before I go away for the weekend... I kinda get the big spread of scores. Aliens is SO frustrating in places that it won't be everyone's cup of tea. Nobody's review is WRONG, really. Unless they say Isolation is the sequel to Nintendogs. The thing that did confuse me is the difference between US and UK reviewers. The "tethering" thing. I suppose, kinda? This thing is hunting you, it has super senses. Of course it's going to hand around. It never registered as a problem for me. Again, horses for courses, innit.
  6. Oooh, okay. Questions! Let's do this. 1) I played it on Medium. There are three difficulty levels. Hard carries a note on the menu saying something along the lines of "this is how the game is meant to be played." 2) Yup, I played a few hours of it on Hard and it's brutal. There isn't a huge difference in the alien's AI that I noticed, but that may be the way that I play. I'm super careful and super stealthy. I read a review that talked about running and then hiding. I never do that. The difference on Hard with human and synthetics is they hit you harder. A human will one-shot kill you and you'll only survive a couple of attacks from the synthetics. You can withstand a bit more punishment on Medium. Side note: The human AI is super weird and silly, but you don't come across humans too much so it doesn't really matter. 3) Yeah, same map, same objectives. It's why I only really wrote about it as a side note. Kinda cool extra, but that's it. 4) I've seen all the Alien films. Love 'em! I prefer Aliens to Alien, which I know isn't a cool thing to say, but yeah. Aliens 3 is better than people would have you believe and Aliens 4 is wank. Wasn't fussed about Prometheus. 5) Well, I like the Aliens films, but The Thing is my favourite. Great film. Never did get around to playing the game of it tho...
  7. It's weird. Most of the British sites have given it a good score and a lot of the US sites haven't. Not sure I've seen such a divide before. Interesting! Edit: I wrote our review. Any questions, gimme a shout. I'm working but will try and keep an eye on the thread.
  8. Hi Lee,



    Firstly thank you for being part of a great site and one I check regularly especially for reviews.



    I hope you don't mind me messaging you but I received a Ryse: Son of Rome Art Book (as a competition win for xbox glitch advert I think). But all they sent me was the book no letter or note attached literally just the book. I have tried looking online for details but the only thing I can find out is that only 200 were printed 5 of which were released in Australia & New Zealand. I was hoping you might know some details about this or any sort of collectors who could give me a value coz if it wont be worth much ill have a read of it (too scared at the mo) coz I loved the game but if its worth keeping in mint condition for a couple of years ill do that instead.



    Again sorry to message you as I'm sure your busy enjoying Titanfall (aren't we all) but any help would be great, thanks!



    Kindest Regards

    Andy Cannell

  9. That's it, competition is closed! The winners have been selected and will be contacted shortly with all the details. Thanks everyone.
  10. Hey you. How’s things? Fancy coming to the Titanfall launch event in London on Thursday 13th March? Here’s your chance. We’ve got five tickets to give away, allowing success applicants and a friend of their choice to prepare for Titanfall in style - by getting lightly sozzled on free booze. Normal terms and conditions apply. You must be over 18, a UK resident, and able to make your own way to London on the evening of Thursday 13th March. The party runs from 6:30pm to 11pm and if you're lucky you might even get to meet Editor Dan or Hairy Rich Walker. Now there's a treat. Interested? Plonk your name down in this thread, along with your email address, and we’ll choose five random winners in the next couple of days. Go go go! http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/news/image001.png
  11. Hi! My name is Charles and I've been a member for over a few years now. I'm having a problem. My gamertag on here doesn't update. Is there a way to fix that? My score and games played or over a year old. Thank you in advance. :)

  12. There's some good stuff here, ta. I hadn't seen the GTA V UFO one.
  13. Hello, I'm Lee, one of the blokes that does the content for the front page, and I need your help. We're putting together our awards for the top five easter eggs of the year and I'm struggling. Other than a bunch of cool stuff in GTA V, I can't think of too many truly brilliant easter eggs from the past 12 months. But maybe you do! If so, please describe/link/embed/whatever your picks below and we'll consider them for inclusion in the list. Cheers everyone.
  14. I asked Warner Bros. what they're doing about this issue. the response wasn't particularly satisfying, but they've at least acknowledged it and are looking into it. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/news/news-16523-Warner-Bros--Investigating-Corrupt-Batman--Arkham-Origins-Saves.html
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