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  1. Hi Lee,



    Firstly thank you for being part of a great site and one I check regularly especially for reviews.



    I hope you don't mind me messaging you but I received a Ryse: Son of Rome Art Book (as a competition win for xbox glitch advert I think). But all they sent me was the book no letter or note attached literally just the book. I have tried looking online for details but the only thing I can find out is that only 200 were printed 5 of which were released in Australia & New Zealand. I was hoping you might know some details about this or any sort of collectors who could give me a value coz if it wont be worth much ill have a read of it (too scared at the mo) coz I loved the game but if its worth keeping in mint condition for a couple of years ill do that instead.



    Again sorry to message you as I'm sure your busy enjoying Titanfall (aren't we all) but any help would be great, thanks!



    Kindest Regards

    Andy Cannell

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