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  1. Dunno if anyone still plays this on the 360, but if u do I’m looking to get the Crowning Glory achievement. A few of the missions need to be done in co-op to get this achievement. If interested add me & send a message. My gamer tag is GSTAR321.
  2. Just got this game and loving it. I'm looking for a co-op buddy to boost and get all the online achievements. My gamer tag is: GSTAR321
  3. Even with voice volume at 100, the actual voice volume still varies significantly. Usually when I talk to npc's in regards to quests, the voice volume is fine. It's mainly when I go near merchants in town and they start talking that it's at an extremely low volume. Also, when I further engage the merchants in chat the volume is way too low as well. Also when I finish an act and you get that little cutscene where your character talks, the volume is low there too. It's annoying as I'm constantly playing with the remote, raising and lowering the volume constantly.
  4. I just started playing this on my Xbox One console and it's great. I've noticed that with regards to the dialogue volume (It's at level 90), sometimes it seems fine and other times it's very quiet. Does this happen to anyone? For example just now at the start of act 3; I'm wandering around the town talking to the merchants and villagers etc and the dialogue volume varies from person to person. It's annoying. Why does this happen? Or, is this just a problem on my end?
  5. Just getting back into this game again if anyone wants to do the story mode co-op achievement.
  6. Hi all, Just a couple of questions. First one - how in the hell do I turn up the brightness for this game? I played this on the Xbox 360 and don't recall having any issues with the brightness, but now that I'm playing it on the Xbox one, it seems rather dark at times. Is it possible to increase the brightness? There is no such options in settings. And secondly, I've been having some annoying glitches surface where I need to escort a survivor home for example, but all they do is run off and the just keep running ... There's no way to stop them. This has happened a couple of times recently and I have failed missions as a result. Very annoying, and once again, I don't ever recall having this issue on the Xbox 360. Is this a common issue? Also had another weird bug where I had to search a supply drop beacon. It was 'invisible' but if I stood in the right spot, I could press Y to 'search' it. Cheers
  7. Yep, i'm from Australia and I still play this actively. My gamertag is: GSTAR321
  8. When I went to system settings and memory. I noted that my profile said 'corrupted'. I deleted the profile only then re-downloaded it. It's now working fine. I have no idea what happened or what caused it to become corrupted ... I've been playing the xbox 360 for 6 years and this is the first time it's happened.
  9. So I was casually playing Resident Evil : Operation Raccoon City online and I unlocked a couple of achievements ... Then I decide to check my achievement list by navigating to it pressing the guide button then left of the D-Pad. To my horror my achievement list now displays 0. I can't even see my games, it just says "Games you play will be displayed here". What the hell? I figured it was just a weird glitch so I decided to sign out then sign back in. I then couldn't sign in because my gamer profile was gone! As a last resort I powered off my console and then turned it back on again. Luckily my profile was there. I signed into it online and navigated to my achievements, they were there. However, I clicked on one of the games "Ninja Gaiden 3" just to check the achievements, but it was 'loading' forever and didn't display them. I had to go back. When I went back my achievement list said 0 again. What is going on?? P.S. I signed into xbox live on my pc, and my gamerscore and profile there seem to be fine.
  10. Need someone to help boost: "Delivery Specialist" My gamertag is: GSTAR321
  11. Can someone please tell me how to do the moves getting up from the ground such as: 1. Character charges forward like superman doing a small jump 2. Character bounces up from the ground and hit opponent with feet I've seen people do number 1. when they're running aswell. How on earth do you do these moves? They weren't mentioned in the combot training. All that was mentioned were 'ukemis' and obviously hitting the LK and RK buttons to kick as you get up.
  12. I haven't played a tekken game since tekken 3 in 1998 ... So for some reason I decided to pick this up and play it, hearing that EVERY character is available ... including Forest Law who was my favourite. The game seems fun from what i've played so far. I finished the combot training which was cool, there seems to be a fair bit to learn in terms of mechanics such as tag assists, assaults and throws, stage breaks, balcony breaks, floor breaks and a whole host of other things. I may have to do combot training again just to remember it all! I doubt I will have the time to learn every character, so I will probably just pick about 4 who I will master. It's not like the old days where there was only 10 characters and you could master them all. Some of the characters moves and combos have changed slighty which is ok, I guess I don't mind. But I do miss Forest Law's classic X,X,X series of kicks to the face from tekken 3, which they've changed to something else in this. The only thing I don't like is the music. It's too 'techno' and full on. The older tekken games have awesome stage and character OST's, especially tekken 2. BUT, the good thing is you can actually download those OST's and assign them to whatever stage you want through tekken tunes! Great! Still, it would have been nice to have some original OST's that maintained that classic oriental/martial arts feel to it e.g. Juns tekken 2 stage ost and yoshimitsu's (and many others). Overall, I think this game will keep me occupied for a while. I haven't played it online yet so i'm not sure how the lag will be. I mostly stay offline for fighting games anyway, I get destroyed too much online. Too many pro's out there. It looks like an 8/10 from me.
  13. The only way I managed to get it working again was create a new account (just called it "Player1") and play on that. It worked and I was unlocking all the achievements again (since this is a new account, I have 0 gamerscore), but I deleted my save previously so I had to start the game over again without the special items etc. Not sure if it would have worked with the old save anyway, I don't care anymore, this game is broken beyond belief. If I have to resort to creating a new XBOX Live account just to play a game again, thats a bit of a joke ...
  14. I managed to 1000 this collection. When I completed the UFO ending, I skipped the ending credits to see my results screen. I never got to see it though ... I heard the 'Achievement Popup' sound and the game froze. Black screen. I powered off my XBOX then powered it back on again, I unlocked 5 achievements at once, under 3 hrs, 2 saves, under 500 dmge, UFO ending, and unlock all SH3 achievements. Now, when I start a new game, EVERYTIME I meet a criteria for a previous achievement E.g "Aquire the Unlimited SubMachine Gun", the game flat out freezes. EVERY single time without fail. My game will freeze every single time now, whenever I: kill a boss in under 2 mins e.g Split worm .. pick up the sub machine gun, flamethrower, silencer etc etc ... and it will freeze at the end aswell because an 'ending' unlocks, so I can't see my results screen. This game is f%^#d ... I can't play it anymore, literally. Lukyily I 1000'ed it before all this mess happened.
  15. I have a couple of questions regarding Silent Hill 3. 1. Do you need to play the 1st Silent Hill game to really understand and appreciate whats going on in this game? Because im sort of struggling to grasp the storyline of this one. Silent Hill 2 was fine, it was just about a dude looking for his wife and the shit that followed. But this one is alot more difficult to follow, especially when they reference past character names like "Harry" I believe ... 2. The lag is atrocious when killing a boss and when multiple enemies appear on the screen at once (e.g. 3 nurses) ... the audio also becomes muffled and fucked up ... Not a question I know ... just wanted to vent ... I had no such issues with Silent Hill 2 at all. But SH3 is killing me in this regard ...
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