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  1. My email was banned a while ago. It was my everyday use email and one day go to log in and it said banned because of spamm. I tryed recovering it with screeenshots from ny iphone mail to show its me and whats on the email.. They said it wasnt me.. Im pissed still and its been couple of months.. What can o do? Im concerned about my gamertag lol
  2. So my email in my xbox is banned and dont remember password because its been like 8 month that i havent touch my box. Now to change my live id i need my old password.. Can i just contac 1800 4 my xbox to change it to my curent email? If i provide them wih my credit card on my xbox too they must know its me right?
  3. Well guys with the PERK for wearing all armour peice bonus, maybe de dragonscale is better the daedric?? I cant tell im still low lvl player
  4. KAPiNG

    Black Friday

    if anyone know if saints row 3 or dark souls geting rebates at walmart let me know in a PM or this thread!! I want both of em!
  5. Skyrim: over 80 hours now and just too much stuff to do its so good!! Saints row3: is what im getting after skyrim it looks so nice. BF3 I already have and its super fun.. I might get wwe12 but I already have batman and you should not get it now..IMO its fun bu gets old fastt
  6. Ok guys, Well you must know the place its where there is like viking boats. The name of the guy starts with X I think its Xandier or something. Im not on my xbox now but anyone in the ship says your not supose to be here. I started a quest for the city people on the docks for some guard.. I hope it cures it
  7. Bump again!! Tere must be someone who knows this...
  8. BUMP...anyone?? im kinda pissed at the game lol
  9. I hope that there WILL be new Achievs since this is what makes you play the game longer to achieve something.!! Now I want Gscore to carry over but like it would be another score thing..you could have 360 score:30 000GS then on 720Score from 720 games it could be 2 thing..Kinda ruins the 720 factor IMO.
  10. Ok so Im doing this quest as I have to intimidate a guy in a ship but I cant talk to him and anyone else in that ship says you shouldnt be here.If I start fighting I get bounty.. Any help? is this a glitch as I tryed restarting from a save and it does the same..Im kinda madd
  11. Easy to kill a Giant if your a warrior is to use your dragonshout. Charge it and release it he will flip on his back and then you can hack his head
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