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  1. na man... i've tried everything i could think of. I think it is permanently unattainable. I do think that this kinda situation needs to be added to the guide. That way, people know not to do what I did....
  2. In the achievement guide, it says that there are no glitched achievements. That is not true. The "Got it done" achievement can be glitched. For example, I started the game not in solo, but in coop (I was hosting). I went through the game as the host with a friend in 1 sitting. I did not receive the "Got it done" achievement, but he did. I did get the 50 scenarios achievement, as did he. I'm guessing that I have a permanently glitched achievement, not allowing me to get the full 1000 in this game....
  3. Hello, I am having a hard time trying to get this achievement to unlock. Its the one for doing a scenario. The wierd thing is, I have unlocked the master scenario achievement, which is to do 50 scenarios. Is there anything i can do to unglitch it? I have started a new game, deleted all my save files to the game, and even cleared my system cache. Nothing is working. Any help is appreciated!
  4. how many unmarked locations did u get on average per play through? I'm on my third and have rescued every survivor, had 6-7 breakdowns, 3-4 runs for empty gas, cleared 1 car out of the way and a handful of just scavenging missions. Also, if I start a new game halfway through, does it cancel all the missions I had done for that particular play through to that point? It's my last achievement......
  5. cool, Thanks! Also, if i saved the cop, and then stopped to explore town/ rescue sarah bell, do i still get the credit for rescuing the cop even though i had to dismiss him to allow sarah to ride along? It's one of those unmarked town, not a main story town...
  6. Ok, for the save/ride with all survivors achievement... I played the first 3 levels and I remember saving the guy in the gas station. After 3 levels, my roommate started a new game, overwriting what i had done. Would it still count if I save the cop on the grocery store instead of the gas station guy as me having already saved that dude in the gas station?
  7. now, i know this should be in the JV part, but its dead over there. In the dlc, the massacre achievement (1000 kills), I'm at 1061 and yet no achievement. Is there any way to fix this?
  8. just play the last level again. the credits will role, and ull get ur achievement!
  9. omg....i was missing the right side cabinet in the kitchen.....thanks bro!
  10. i know the answer is probably already been answered, but i dont feel like looking through 143 pages. with that said, i have purchased the noble and defiant map packs. I have not purchased the anniversary map pack. Can i still get the achievements for noble/defiant without anniversary map pack? If so, where can i find the playlist? P.S- This may be a dumb ?
  11. how do u get on the horse to begin with? may be a dumb question, but when I try, they always run away.... never mind! lol
  12. when u solve the ground puzzle and the door in the temple opens to let u out (the right door), instead of going out, turn around and go thru the other door. It should be right there in front of u! here's a video if u need help! [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9us1HGxRsiE]Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters - Collectibles - YouTube[/ame] P.S- make sure u check all threads before u make a new one. There's a thread that tell all of their locations. just a little advice since ur new. : )
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