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  1. Here's the first thing to keep in mind: Most people in co-op are going for 10,000 heals and will take that as a priority over everything else. They won't use team skills, build towers or even back you up when fighting against a group. They'll just follow from behind and spam Heal all day. It still happens, and I'm sure many can admit to doing the same. Co-op also gets a lot of newcomers who don't understand most of the base mechanics. Some players avoid team skills/building because they strongly think that "Taking down tower = win" is the main goal (you could argue that it is, but there's obviously more to it than just this), so everything must just be a hindrance to them, right? These are bad players and you're probably better off not paying attention to them. Furthermore, Co-op has no impact on your outcome unlike league ranking points, so losing isn't even an issue. If you have to play with an unorganized team, then work on maximizing your XP output. Basically, play for your own gain but also help others when they need it to further boost your score. Don't ever help take down the gate until there's only 3-4 minutes left, and let the AI teams destroy the battering ram if it goes up before then. Quick Match may be a better option for you, but you'll also probably want to gather some friends who you can work with.
  2. There will be another free Happy Ticket promotion starting December 12th. No exact details on how many.
  3. I highly recommend waiting for one of the Happy Card promotions where all packs are reduced by 33% or better if you're going to use the tickets for that purpose.
  4. Berserker was terribly overpowered on day one, not to the point where they couldn't be countered, but a lot more difficult to handle. There was a bug that would cause you to have infinite AP if you jumped into a Sacred Song which meant you could just spam Spinning Blade for at least a few minutes. Now the class is so nerfed that unless you're using it for specific purposes, you wouldn't last as long. HP and AP bars are limited no matter what buffs you have to prevent abuse and allow others to take you down faster. I have HP Up 3 and AP Up 3 and both bars stop at Level 3. The stats were also modified so instead of having both weapons outputting their own separate damage, only one equipped weapon sets damage output to both, while the other equipped weapon is NOW defense. So, now, Armor is completely pointless for the Berserker. If you have good gear, you'll be able to take MVP in Co-op most of the time. Quick Match? Not so much, unless your team turns out to be really awful. Warrior is still the best all around class, great attack and defense.
  5. Yeah, can also confirm this still works as of the patch that hit today. This is probably better than the 25k mission if you get a high value bike. Going to spend hours doing this and then go crazy on modding cars.
  6. Alright. I finished Dom's last mission and unfortunately I didn't get a last parachute jump to spawn, however checking the in-game internet map on the phone, there's suppose to be four jumps around Mt. Chilliad, but I only have three right now. I can't be sure if it's glitched or if this last jump takes a while to appear... Here's the four jumps on the map: http://i.imgur.com/0wJxepZ.png ...and here's what I see on my world map: http://i.imgur.com/WXHHH0a.png I'm getting more reluctant to continue unless I know it will appear later on... EDIT: Yes! It took a full day in-game but it finally appeared, and upon completing it, I now have all 42 pastimes done!
  7. I'm not doubting it, but so far unless there are more than 12 parachute jumps, then the base and helicopter jumps should be placed together and not separated as they count as 1 activity to the counter. I saw that there were 13 jumps so it's possible I'll get the last one during Dom's missions, hopefully.
  8. I would if it was actually working. Is there anything in that list which isn't specified at all? Are there more than 12 parachute jumps? Because if so that would be what I'm missing.
  9. I think I've ran into a glitch which stops my progress from updating correctly, taking all of this: I have completed everything and thoroughly gone through the list more than twice. So why do I only have 41/42 pastimes completed? After I finished all 12 Parachute jumps, I only got progress for one activity and not two as the list mentions. Am I the only one with this problem? I'm done with this game now until Rockstar fix this crap.
  10. Interesting analogy, and yeah, Cleric rushing is not a foolproof strategy. The reason why it happens more often is to get matches finished as quickly as possible for league points (as you get 10 points for taking down the tower regardless of time). If your team consists of 8 good players who know what they're doing, then a team of seven rushing towards the castle with clerics on all sides to build can overwhelm a team pretty fast if the numbers outmatch those who stay to play defense. Having a Zephyr at your castle to lay cyclone traps near the tower should give you time to break in and get the win. Clearly though, if you don't have at least Construction Rate Lv. 2, then you should probably try to defend your team who are taking down the tower, either with Super Guard if you're a Warrior or Dual Spin with Berserker. In hindsight, you should only try doing it at the very start, and if the other team catch onto you, then having a couple of people rush to the gate and inflicting damage while others play defense is still better than getting scattered between the two. On a somewhat similar note, I would hope by now that randoms would avoid taking down the spawn towers in Special Challenge and just go for the gate in a group to maximize on points in less time. Playing with nothing but randoms who don't do that makes it seem pointless in even trying.
  11. You'd be surprised how many people over Rank 50 not knowing the basics of Cleric rushing. Then again, those players only ever play Co-op for XP, which is awful for everyone else who gets matched up with those kinds of players in anything outside of that.
  12. Yeah, I can confirm this also. Possibly the best way to get it over with if you don't have it yet.
  13. It's a dumb move for sure. You only get one Premium item, and they're not even that good for what you're paying. Toylogic would have been able to implement all those items in the standard Happy Ticket prizes. You can get a Super Premium for 12 tickets (when there's a sale) during Happy Time, so I don't even know why this exists.
  14. Rank 55 at the moment. Mage mission is on level 2 (as I main Warrior/Cleric). I have completed all those quests also.
  15. I got the class unlocked as soon as I started the game, so I didn't know the requirements.
  16. Upon starting the game, you'll get a 41MB title update prompt. For those who are eager to know what's included with this (which can also now be seen from the game itself), I'll list what's mentioned: • Zephyr Class - A new Mage type. Unlocked under certain conditions. Also adds new related mission. • Castle Defense - A new co-op gametype where you must protect your castle at all costs! (Limited time only event) • Happy Card Update - Special Limited Edition weapons. (Until September 4th) • Berserker Team Skill - Multiple Missile (everyone participating gets Rocketman!) • New Buffs - Stun Crusher and Parameter Boost • New scoring additions. (add to XP) • Team balancing improved. • Ketchup Avenue now has new BGM. • AI behavior changed.
  17. Events usually go on for an extra day after the time they're mentioned to finish due to the difference in time zones. Although very unlikely you'll get x4 Perseus Helmet in one day. A team of us made rough calculations on drops, by marking down how many blue chests we had earned druing the time and what the Happy Star to item ratios are. Not entirely accurate since we had different scores, but it should give you a good idea on what to expect... Armor drop rate - 1:3 (1:4 chance in blue chest) Shield drop rate - 1:4 (1:6 chance in blue chest) Spear drop rate - 1:7 (1:10 chance in blue chest) Helmet drop rate - 1:9 (1:16 chance in blue chest) Perseus Armor is incredibly easy to farm. You'll get at least one every 500 points (guaranteed to earn in gold chests if you're unlucky). Helmets take a lot of luck, but even just one at Level 10 would be enough to outperform most other Super Premium helmets, even more with the 3 extra buff slots.
  18. Pretty sure it's an AI team setup. There's one team called Giants/Giants+ where the AI are almost double your size, and do more damage. I'm not sure what the prerequisites are to turn them all into Slayers, but I noticed in the game I played with that team, they all became Slayers once we started taking down the main tower... and yeah, it can get pretty difficult by then.
  19. Construction Speed 3 (orange buff), and three empty slots. Honestly, it's not that good. It might be useful if you can get it to Level 15, but the Evil Beast Staff from the last challenge had Magic Attack Up 3, which is going to be better in the long run.
  20. You can have one player at Level 40, and as long as you do well in the first two rounds, you'll usually get a Major Enemy team in the final round. Although sometimes you may get them before that.
  21. It's based on the highest level player(s) in the group. If you're all at around Level 20 for example, you're not going to face the harder AI groups as often. You'll get the "Powerful Enemy!" message after the countdown.
  22. That's it, yeah. It's probably going to be neverending.
  23. I got enough star fragments to get two Super Premium items for the Warrior. I have a handful of stickers, but I'll never use them all. It'd be nice if they add more missions later on, as it seems like I'm at a list which never ends.
  24. Thanks for the update, I've just redownloaded it and it does seem to be there. Not sure if it's just me, but I didn't have credit for checking the Encyclopedia even though I've defiantly used it before. Got some good Super Premium items from the free star fragments. Now I have to keep grinding points (over 500000 so far) to earn more tickets, but that's even more of an incentive to keep playing!
  25. This isn't being rolled out into a patch later on, right? I'd like to continue playing the Special Challenge that's on right now to keep farming items. If not, then I'll probably jump to 1.1 after it's over.
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