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  1. Yeah that's the reason why I'm holding off on getting my chicken at the moment, one flawless left to do. They've made the PC chicken A LOT more powerful, mainly with how many upgrades it usually starts with and upping his damage by 50%. They said the console versions will get patched eventually(as in all previous PC patches so it will be a megalithic update), and it will most likely be when the first major DLC expansion is out. They've been teasing lately its right around the corner too. I'm fairly sure Animus DPS depends on Hero DPS by the way, so if the current console chicken doesn't the animus will be the pet to use until they patch. Also the upcoming patch for PC makes it so that your pet receives 50% of the exp you earn for its investment, so you won't need to spend oodles of Mana on them in the future. Hope that gives you hope.
  2. I honestly never found a decent one, but thanks for the tip.
  3. Brag? Grow up. The guy was saying how he spent 17 hours and failed and I was making a comparison with the method I used. Want to hear me brag? I had the game almost 2 weeks before release because I write guides for a website, day one I had almost top 10 on all leaderboards above hard. Want to know why I didn't brag? Because it means nothing. Why did I bring up the fact that I was rank 7 when I did this? Because you accused me of lying. I don't know what I'm talking about? 200+ hours sunk into the game and I have made a comprehensive insane challenge guide, I even posted it here for people to use considering how bad the achievement guide is. You just wanted to come in 'pounce' on me to try and show you know more than me, you're semantically bragging about it by posting twice about me being wrong. See how stupid that sounds? I'm going to be the better man here and not reply to the imminent reply finding the apparent flaws in my story. You are one of the reasons why flame wars are started.
  4. I don't need to lie, I did this with two people and it maxed out at 9985. I haven't done it with any other amount of players so it was an assumption. My set up was just spawn rape enemies on Deeper Dungeons, it was on medium and it was with a friend. I watched the set up and made repairs where necessary. My friend sat in the middle constantly spinning and firing with a crystal tracker. We were one of the first people to do it legit and ended up with rank 7 and 9 on survival medium Deeper Dungeons. This wasn't modded before you try to accuse me of something else, I had a pure tower build for my stats and invested over 8m into my armor set up for towers.
  5. I got mine in about 5 n a bit hours, not sure what map or set up you were using. The enemy counter maxes out at like, 9985 or something so the amount of players doesn't matter after like wave 21.
  6. I'm considering writing an achievement guide as yeah, you're right the one we have is balls at the moment..
  7. Just thought I'd share this. I help contribute to a site dedicated to XBLA games and one of the things I do is make guides. As I sort of skimped on my part of the Dungeon Defenders guide we made for the site I took 2-3 weeks to beat all insane challenges and find the best methods for them so I could make a guide that was almost fool proof. Anyway considering the achievement guide floating around is a tad bit vague on some things, no offense intended to the writer, I thought it might be a good idea to contribute to my favorite forum. http://www.xblafans.com/dungeon-defenders-insane-challenge-guide-hub-30133.html
  8. This medal is actually insanely easy, pun intended. Spam tickers on Trenches until you can get kantus, one person goes as kantus and stuns/knocks shields/silverbacks with ink grenades. Later on if you want a boomer is handy. Continue with ticker spam until wave 12. A berserker is handy but not necessary. I've beat it in 17:08 and a friend is at 14:23 Edit: Trenches has the least fences to work around. And this is easier the more people, haven't lost yet 5-6 playthroughs with a team of 5.
  9. No one seems to realize you can use mutators and still get the medal...
  10. In that case, I'd assume it would be delivered exactly like every other 'You'll get this, but not just yet' thing(apart from the halo franchise that is). You'll receive an email with a code.
  11. I have Faith in DICE(get it?) won't detract from the raw BF experience. To be honest the difficulty in the chopper controls for BFBC2 is what made it a balanced vehicle. Once you get your head around the left stick being left and right and the right stick being where the nose points it becomes second nature. You should try flying the choppers on BFBC2 pc, it has its full potential unlocked, thus you have 200% more chance to crash.
  12. Air Superiority was fun but it was only because of the novelty. I myself prefer being able to run and gun, with the choice of jumping in the jets.
  13. A beast shotgun that doesn't come with the ability to snipe across map?!? YES PLEASE
  14. Judging by the fact if you pre-order BF3 LE on origin you get a message telling you because you have pre-orded the LE, you get access to the beta 48 hours earlier. I'm assuming it will be the same with the MoH beta and 360 pre-orders. I'm fairly sure I read this somewhere as well.
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