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  1. Actually it's just not a long DLC and he probably finished it no problem I'd imagine. I was actually surprised after knocking out the main DLC story I'd already finished all the cheevos.
  2. Digging through the files now, Smiling Larry has settlement options. So if you can get him to spawn near a settlement, you should be able to drag him with Intimidation 3 to a weapon's station and get his ripper. In theory.
  3. I'm more irked by the fact that I know they're going to use the jump in sales this fast after the announcement as proof of popularity, not simply the fact that they forced a lot of people's hands. Well that and wondering why we still have heard nothing on this console modding aspect.
  4. Apparently Defend the Castle and Defend the Artillery quests were both fixed. I'm keeping offline til I at least beat the game (again) so I can dupe nuka grenades when I finally find one @[email protected]
  5. Worth a read through for those after Benevolent Leader or just highest happiness possible in a large settlement.
  6. That achievement's always been stupidly easy to do because it's a gimmick. You just need a bar (120 happiness), a bed, a turret, some water, one settler only, and food in the workbench. Heck, you could even have two settlers there, one running the bar the other gathering food ((120 + 80)/2 = 100). You'd just need enough defense to compensate. Once it hits 100%, build walls like crazy. Bleep-bloop.
  7. Sadly it's not a one time random encounter either, you're going to probably run into them plenty of times :\
  8. Updated the guide a bit, added info about Gavil (he actually appears in Power Armor separate of Airship Down) and some info about using Penetrator or pax needles to force your target out of their armor.
  9. Head's up, apparently the upcoming 1.3 patch fixed this one, so make use of it while you can. ...from what I can tell from the files the random encounter vendors are not. Yay for priorities?
  10. You'd lose the power armor frame doing that though and possibly send the whole settlement into hostile mode.
  11. Try talking to them. Usually you'll outright get the "Get out of your power armor" line and they just do it. As for Benevolent Leader, it's stupid and very easy. Find a settlement with nobody at it, send one settler and assign them to a Restaurant. Build a water pump and turret if needed, and put plenty of fruit/corn/grain/etc in the workbench as they'll use 1 quantity of food a day (so 2 corn = 1 food, 1 fruit = 1 food like normal). That's all you need to do. Fast travel and make sure the stats don't break in the Workshop menu (if they do, head back then fast travel again, repeat as needed) and one you're all good you'll see happiness climb. Once it' hits 100%, head back, quicksave, and build walls like a madman til it pops.
  12. A really easy way for me is to just get enough materials for molotovs, select it, then press A+B. You'll go back out to the category menu with the A+B but it'll still offer to create it. Doing so will let you make it for free. Just get a good rhythm and you can create a ton of them. get some good exp and have a lot of caps from selling the lot.
  13. Another update and a bit of a bump. So I've been digging through the game's files to try and figure out which NPCs actually have settler coding set up...as you can guess, not many. Only two unique ones do come up though: -Honest Dan apparently has full settlement controls tied to his character. I can't test this because I wiped out Covenant and he vanishes entirely from the game afterward as far as I can tell. -Parker Quinn not only has move and command controls, he also has access to Ron Staples' Tier 4 store items...and also has the bug related to them. To better explain, Quinn can be found next to the South Boston police station, offering to sell you a charge card and being an insulting prick. Use tier 3 Intimidation to pacify and put him in a command state, escort him into the Castle (or whatever your closest settlement is), then crouch out of site til it says hidden and open the workshop. Hiding will prevent him from going hostile; as he's walking back home, quickly highlight him and use the move command to send him where you want to. Once he gets there, buy his charge card then trade with him as a settler to get your caps back and dress/arm him how you want (this will also change his dialogue to single lines a la Vault-Tec Rep). Now assign him to a Trading Emporium. Remember I mentioned Ron has a bug? He sells more items than the regular vendor for sure...but some of his items check to see if he's been assigned to a Trading shop and not a Bar like they should. Meaning most players never see his full inventory. Parker has the same issue, but now when they fix the random encounter vendors, you can have Ron man a bar, while Parker will sell the goodies you'd normally miss out on. Here's some screenshots of it when done: http://i.imgur.com/G6MAZlx.png http://i.imgur.com/8FNGt3t.png http://i.imgur.com/2V2Hto7.png
  14. Yeah, that's the same experience I had too. I've gone through this route multiple times now, once after Rocket's Red Glare and been able to kill everyone just fine. Heck you can finish Precipice of War, leave Deacon and Tom at the vertibird, kill off the remaining members, then wait a few hours in the HQ as long as you haven't assigned Deacon somewhere else for them to show up.
  15. So here's a funny little bit for you. In the game you run across Parker Quinn, a con man that tries selling you a charge card. Why is it funny? Because it turns out they copied Ron Staple's code into his character file when they set him up. Takes a little hoop jumping through Intimidation, but if you assign him as a general trader you get your standard trader...and access to the items in Ron's tier 4 cache you normally can't since he's supposed to be assigned to a bar.
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