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  1. I've been playing alot of multiplayer and I am loving it. I have seen people with crazy glowing armours (orange glow like onmitool) how do I get these? I have not found anything armour related in the packs I have purchased so am unsure if they are from there? Also for gold medals I am a engineer and my friend a krogan soldier we want to tackle gold but want to know what other two characters would help/fit well into our team? Any suggestions?
  2. Maybe im just being a noob but I cannot see how to unlock mutators anybody know how to? Or if there is a mutator guide?
  3. Looking for a team for beast mode gamer tag = miller da nub. I'm English an on every night
  4. So Im looking for a team of 5 to do beat mode on insane with out failing I need 4 more as my friends suck and most aren't playing gears my gamer tag is miller da nub. I'm from the uk and on every night between 9 and 10
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