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  1. Thanks everyone! A real honour to join the ranks!
  2. I actually don't remember the exact moment I popped the glorious milestone for 100k, but I do believe it was sometime last year. My account has been going strong for 9 years, (not always on the same gamertag) but I'm sitting on 120k and happy to finally make a post here to celebrate with you guys! I actually wanted to post this when I hit 100k last year but my account was locked due to a long time without use.. So here it is! VICTORY OR DEATH! Cheers!
  3. Buy it now. Once DSIII drops getting some of the multiplayer achievements are going to be REALLY tough haha.
  4. I guess it depends on your playstyle. I just started the Souls series (even though I dabbled with DS1 and own every Souls title possible.. yeah I have a HUGE backlog lol) and am just finishing up the DLC and then heading into the NG+. I played sword and board and did the entire game solo. I just farmed the 30 sunlight medals and that was really the extent of my multiplayer. Just keep at it and maybe respec into a more survivable playstyle. Greatsword + a good physical shield should see you through!
  5. Interesting. I think the few titles I would sell back would net me very little credit as they would probably be the indy titles but that's a neat idea.
  6. Dude, I totally agree. I have a friend IRL that pretty much always listens to music while gaming through his xbox but I personally (and most of my IRL friends) haven't cared for uploading tunes to the xbox since.. well the xbox! I can see it being a problem for some people, but I just found it to be a waste of space on the ole' HD!
  7. I think it would be bitter sweet. For awhile, gaming was all I was really doing back between 2007-2009 (when I was more active on this site).. but since then, I've been far too busy to be a completion master (at least in my own head) concerning games I enjoy playing. I think I would either continue with my current tag and just play games for fun and stay away from the 1000/1000 aspect of it.. but I would also be pretty upset that I would lose all that hard work I put into this account! I think I would just do what I'm doing now and play more music outside of work, and just think about playing video games haha.
  8. Escape Plan (2013) - I actually went into this movie not knowing a shred of what it was about. I thought it couldn't be the worst thing in the world, and it was actually pretty good. I found it to be entertaining enough and had a few laughs along the way. I don't know, go on a cheap night if your town has that option. **7/10**
  9. Most likely going to need a partner to get some co-op achievements done. Looking for a cool person around my age to hammer them out. gt: Rex odii Thanks \m/
  10. Couldn't tell if this was serious or a joke, regardless I enjoyed this post lol. I never had an issue with this legendary foe, and only died once on Insanity due to seeing if he could kill me lol.
  11. I got it pretty randomly after about 10 spectre packs.
  12. I'm on my Insanity play through with a new character at the moment and as it's not presenting any real 'challenge' compared to previous games insanity difficulties.. but it's still fun none the less. I don't see what your point is offering here.. like most people replying here. Rush through the game all you want, but honestly a lot like my reply to this initial post, it doesn't matter that you beat it in 11 hours or whatever.
  13. At first I was seriously let down by the ending.. I didn't mind the choices you had to make, but it was the broken plot holes that raged me.. Why was the Normandy going through the relay? Did I miss something that said the whole squad survived the fight and was going to just jump on the Normandy and go somewhere? I also didn't like the old man and the kid scene at all.. it made it feel like it was just a giant fairy tale, not real whatsoever.. I'm trying to love the ending because it wasn't that terrible, but those 2 things are making it near impossible for me to like! Anyone agree with that feeling? Hard to think Shep's story is literally over now haha..
  14. People are still playing MW & WAW, (with or without hacks in the lobbies) so Black Ops will still have people. I always think about going back.. I'm just waiting for 4-7 more rage quits on MW3 before I do haha.
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