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  1. Looking for someone to run through this game. If interested message me on live. TIA
  2. Looking for someone to get SWAP MEAT with, message me over live if you need this also.
  3. Level 6-2 he's right at the beginning of the level.
  4. Looking for 3 other players to get the four's company achievement, if your interested just message me online GT is Turdboi. TIA.
  5. In level 3-2 there is what appears to be a secret area above where you come to 2 tyre stacks, with 2 fast moving floor lasers and the electric floor charges, but can't seem to find anything up there, there has to be something, otherwise why include it? Update: there is also an orb on level 5-2, when you have to start climbing back up the cliff??? On the 1sr level head right and the screen will reveal the jumps across to the orb, be careful of the electric floor charges though.
  6. Played through this game and then went to mop up the last few levels for 3 stars I was missing and some of the NPC's aren't there anymore specifically level 18 guy in top left is missing, and level 29 there should be 6 guys in the top right but there's now only 3. They were there the first time I played the levels. Have deleted game and re-installed, also done a hard reset but nothing changes. Anybody else had this issue and possibly know a work around?
  7. Looking to boost all achievements if any one has space in a session. Message me over live GT is Turdboi.
  8. So I need to add the gargoyle blood/saliva to the green goo to solidify it???
  9. How do you do this then bud? I have dealt with all 3 ghosts (letter, phone and 1988 clock tab). Still cant find a way in, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. This doesn't seem to work anymore, I have run through the game multiple times to completion and it was working but started about 8 games yesterday and I could not get in the attic, has there been a patch that may have affected this?
  11. Looking to join a club for the win achievement but will be looking to stay and play more games in the future. Msg me over live GT is Turdboi.
  12. Anyone looking to get the friendlies or pro clubs achievements send me a message, will be on from now for a good few hours. GT is Turdboi.
  13. Never mind I was able to select and take the one on the right, I thought I had attempted all of them but obviously not.
  14. They are in the store to left on Cronby after answering his riddle. Everytime I touch them they attack me and I die.
  15. Thanks for the help, 1 last question, how do you get the mannequin?
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