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  1. Hit 80k a couple weeks ago. Been gaming less and less, as I have work, and I am moving into a new place. Once I get settled in, I will be able to game more. At least I have a Windows Phone now, and can earn achievements while on my lunch!
  2. Wildness...I wonder why the difference? Also, what is every one else's install size?
  3. Weird... (I know it is 6.8GB...but it asked for 6.9) I am not sure if it even matters...but I installed it to a USB drive. http://imageshack.com/a/img836/3145/fa9v.jpg
  4. This is for the 360...might be that you are on the Xbox One?
  5. This is awesome news! I loved the 1st season, and have been collecting the 2nd season on my DVR. I suppose I need to marathon it this weekend.
  6. Took me a couple times (and, holy hell...when you fail). You just have to move left thumbstick left (or right) and then watch for the indicator and instantly move it right (or left). Have to be pretty quick about it. Also, make sure you hold it in whatever direction you have to be in.
  7. I have it installed on my HDD, and it has frozen up on me 3 times in my 25ish hours of gameplay. Sometimes these things are hit or miss with folks.
  8. Not in the least...she is just as messed up as I am, hence our quality relationship.
  9. This is just plain ol' awesome...
  10. I just picked up a bottle of that a few weeks ago. Mainly for the bottle (I have a decent collection building up) My go to is Tullamore Dew....
  11. I am sure you know what the original bottle looked like. Here is the new one http://res.cloudinary.com/ratebeer/image/upload/w_250,c_limit,q_85,d_beer_def.gif/beer_166819.jpg
  12. Guinness is a good ol' reliable. Smithwick's just released a new bottle (rather the label is now red), so I had to add that to my collection. Recently, I picked up Narwhal (Imperial Stout), a lot like Old Rasputin (which I looove). Also, I had a Bourbon Barrel Stout (you can really taste the bourbon flavor...) not that bad. All in all I added a few more bottles to my collection.
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