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  1. I guess I will add my bitching. Got Defiance for free because of a Gamefly sale + a coupon that was about to expire. My buddy got it for $1. We patched for about 4-6 hours, and played for 24 hours together. We took a few days break and during our off time from work, we decided to play and we are trapped by three new patches that take ~40 minutes each. I've played MMO almost all my life but Defiance and their patches are by far the slowest download I've encountered. My Download rate is from 4.60 - 6.00 (Mpbs) and still takes forever. Just wanted to bitch about the game while I patch this dumb game lol.
  2. I've never played magic until today. Honestly, its a lot of luck and part skill. You're playing AI and can easily keep trying till you get the right card order. Challenges are easy bc of video guides and the rest just comes with winning. I'm at 4 games won and got 50g, took about an hour. Sure, not really my choice of game and I question if a card arcade game is worth even being offered for free but hey maybe it will surprise you.
  3. Got them! Thanks for those who helped
  4. Nevermind. There are two AlphaJax and I don't have this version. Opps
  5. No one owns this game. But I've seen to be having a problem getting the achievement also. I've won about ~15 games and nothing has happened either. :/
  6. So just need the last two online achievements. Help me out <3 GT: Havoc RedCell
  7. Got it by messaging random people in my game.
  8. If anyone mind helping me out with the two sharing achievements please message me! GT: Havoc RedCell
  9. So I totally forgot about this game and I noticed I have one achievement. (Played this before I became an achievement whore/hunter). Anyone want to help me perfect this? GT: Havoc RedCell
  10. If anyone just wants to give me cards so I can get the 85 rating achievement, I'd love you forever.
  11. I got the final achievement. Thanks Batb0y. Good luck everyone.
  12. So I decided to return to Tony Hawk and finish my last three achievements since I got a new working xbox finally. After transferring all my game saves, I had no problems with other games expect this one. I have my gamesave here transferred from my old xbox, and it shows up in my storage, but it won't show my progress, it loads as a fresh game, I was nearly done with everything. Any clue on hows to fix this problem? Or am I the only one experiencing this?
  13. I need MUT trading, and MUT 80 rating. I also need most of the defensive achievements but I don't have an online pass but the MUT ones are annoying and would love some help. Thanks.
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