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  1. Per a post on GameServers.com's forums (link), all dedicated servers for Section 8: Prejudice (PC, 360, and PS3) have been shut down. Prejudice Online, the ranked stats tracking system, has also gone down for the last time. No ranked play is possible now. This means all achievements involving ranked play are now discontinued on both PC and 360. PS3's Prejudice Online is still functioning for both Prejudice and the original Section 8.
  2. Per a post on GameServers.com's forums (link), all dedicated servers for Section 8: Prejudice have been shut down. The only ranked play possible now is via Swarm, as all other modes require dedicated servers for ranked stats tracking. However, it is unknown how long Prejudice Online will remain functioning. UPDATE: Prejudice Online has also gone down for the last time. Ranked play is no longer possible.
  3. Yes. The ranked servers are still up, but I don't know how long they'll last.
  4. Yes. The ranked servers are still up, but I don't know how long they'll last.
  5. "The file 'Devil May Cry.doc' is corrupt and therefore cannot be opened." It's a shame there's no way to just put a block of text in a forum post...
  6. From what I've been able to gather, there's a nasty legal dispute going on between TimeGate (developer) and Southpeak (publisher). It seems that when the ranked servers went down, it was originally an outage issue. However, their Gamespy contract or server certificates expired during the outage. It's implied that Southpeak holds the keys to that. Until the dispute is settled, Section 8's ranked services are down. There's a news article describing the issue (link). Looking at it, I can understand why TimeGate went digital-only with their distribution for Prejudice.
  7. Balls. And I was about to start this game, too. This affects the PC version as well.
  8. There are no "servers" for this game. The matchmaking is provided by XBL, and hosting is done locally. It'll be around as long as XBL.
  9. sternn


    Does this (link) sound like the problem you're having?
  10. Writing a patch on the 360 would require a LOT of time and money on Lionhead's part. They're too wrapped up in other projects now.
  11. Looking to get the onlines done. GT: karterfone US Central (GMT-5) available nights and weekends.
  12. I highly recommend playing the first one before touching BS2. There's a lot of story elements in BS1 that are outright spoiled in the second one. BS2 more or less assumes you've played the first one already.
  13. EDIT: I no longer have the game.
  14. I host a private game using my Hardcore campaign save and invite you in. Once it launches, the ending plays, and then the credit roll. The achievement unlocks at the credits. You must first complete the campaign on any difficulty, or it won't work. The campaign save launches straight into the ending video instead of giving you the mission select screen. I think the glitch is the result of the programmers putting the unlock trigger in the credits rather than the mission results screen.
  15. Need most of the onlines for GTA4PC. Looking for a partner for AWP, mainly. US Central, available evenings and some weekends. I have a mic. GT: karterfone I've got a session on TA to knock out Team Player this Sunday 18 May at 2000 GMT.
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