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  1. Verdinial


    Personally I love it, but recently I've struggled finding anything good :/
  2. So, this will be the final arc, right? I'm gunna miss Bleach so much :'(
  3. 10 Am in the UK. I'm patiently waiting, watching my anime and hugging my energy drinks
  4. Its very good, amazing storyline and unique gameplay. It puts a really nice twist on gameplay, which I'm surprised hasn't been done with more games :p Only four more hours :(


    What game are you next looking forward to? :D

  5. Oh sweet how was the trip? Hope you enjoyed it, did you see any bears? :p


    I'm good thanks, I was meant to go to sleep so I could wake up full of energy to play Alan Wake American Nightmare, now I'm watching Hajime no Ippo until the shops open, so I can buy some energy drinks :p

  6. Oh hey! Its been a while :)


    How are you? Any news on the test yet? :3

  7. Can't find the thread it was on. Think it got deleted, no idea why but the spammer and his messages have gone too.

  8. Urgh, forgive my above post. It was created in a separate thread, but it got moved here and is basically completely pointless now. Delete it if necessary :/
  9. report it using the 'nuclear' symbol next to the post. For the reason "spamming posts" is good enough. Hopefully a mod will come by and take a look.

  10. That would work :) Thanks, it's just to avoid having a bunch of threads being made over the same topic.


    Hope you understand :D


    Also, someone was spamming posts in the thread, not sure what action is required for those guys :p

  11. Well I have yet to play the demo and have not been following the mentioned thread so I'm a bit clueless too. Are there questions? Can I just keep merging new demo threads into that thread?

  12. Just have a quick request mate, about my Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Impressions thread, someone suggested I make it an official FAQ to avoid other people making a load of threads about the same thing?


    Cheers, I'm asking because I'm clueless on it lol P

  13. @ DragonusDarque - To charge an enemy you need to actually aim at an enemy, and press why. Sometimes you need to get into a suitable position, for example you can't teleport through cover, but you can go over it if you see the enemy from above. @ Dark Wing - In reply to the request to make this a FAQ about Multiplayer. Sure, how do I do it?
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