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  1. So today has been a good day since my copy of Pokemon Legends Arceus arrived and the place I ordered it from messed up and sent me 2 copies lol, so now I have 2 games, steelbooks and (albeit quite small) models of Arceus 😅. Anyone had that happen to them? like do I send the extra stuff back or do I just keep it? Also even though I already had a say Fable > Gears
  2. Yeah I'd prefer to see a Fable collection too tbh, plus with a new Fable game coming out at some point it would be good to get people refamiliarised with that world since its been like 12(?) years since Fable 3 at this point lol.
  3. Yeah I kept hearing good things too which is why I tried it lol, didn't actually know the game gives you very little in terms of telling you what you are meant to do outside of the little intro bit where you grab launch codes for the ship or at least that's how I found it knowing me I may have missed something while reading or skipped an early dialogue altogether. I did end up with I think 10-11 achievements out of the 30 something (although theres DLC), when you get to it good luck trying to land on the Sun station for that achievement cause I tried that crap for like 20-25 mins and the suns gravity just yoinked me in and killed me every time lol.
  4. So today I got around to starting Outer Wilds, honestly I have no idea what I'm meant to be doing but I did accidently unlock a 36 point achievement so I've spent like the last hour-hour and a half getting the other 4 36pt achievements so my gamerscore doesn't end in a number that isn't a 0 or 5 then I will continue the game. I honestly thought we were passed weird numbered pt achievements.... Edit: Ok so after another hour I'm actually bored shitless of Outer Wilds, like I have no idea what I'm meant to do and the flying controls on the ship feel janky anyway so ima just call it quits on this lol.
  5. I mean personally I'd expect the next step in Microsoft's master plan to be acquire Ubisoft and/or EA since Nintendo don't want to sell and I doubt Sony will sell up either and ya know those are rival console makers and we need those otherwise why make Xbox better? lol. I'll admit it would be cool if Nintendo would sell up then we could get things like Pokemon, Zelda and Mario on Game Pass on the Xbox lol.
  6. So it seems Xbox/Microsoft just bought Activision/Blizzard for $70billion D; https://www.theverge.com/2022/1/18/22889258/microsoft-activision-blizzard-xbox-acquisition-call-of-duty-overwatch
  7. https://www.xboxachievements.com/subscriptions.php Should be it i think
  8. So fairly recently I got around to playing and finishing Hellblade Senuas sacrifice, not sure how I feel about it tbh since I enjoyed how trippy and dark it was but I didn't really follow the story of what was going on tbh and the puzzle and combat bits ruined it a but for me, I hear there is a sequel coming so I may also try that but yeah..... Other then that I started up The Pedestrian which is a puzzle game, not that I'm great at puzzle games lol, dunno what else I fancy playing atm though
  9. Even though I don't have many rewards and my title isn't particularly funny or interesting but still: Also my longest played game is also Destiny 2, according to the stats page on it's Xbox club thing I have 119 days, 12hrs and 2 mins in D2 which is like 2800 hours.....dunno how much of that was in orbit but still
  10. Man I kinda wish I understood Japanese, it still looks alright though like not the prettiest game but the vastly different gameplay has me interested still:
  11. Everyone else: upgrading their PC rigs. monitors etc. Me who hasn't upgraded their(at the time pretty decent) gaming laptop in 8 years:
  12. So in an uncharacteristic move of mine I recently just 100%'d 2 (admittedly easy) games lol. 1st was Lake, it's on Game Pass and tbh I wouldn't actually spend money on it since it was kinda dull, not as bad as some people make it sound but then again I don't mind more slow paced games like it, easy 1K gamer score for like 6 hours. 2nd was Firewatch, again on Game pass and an easy 1k in 5 hours or so, actually got kinda interesting later on especially for a walking simulator type game. I also have Hellblade Senua's Sacrifce downloaded and am thinking of starting that up later/tomorrow since I still havent played that lol.
  13. Merry (late) Christmas all Here's my slightly disturbing gift to you all :
  14. Not gonna lie I appreciate the Evil Genius updates here since I was planning on playing it at some point but I never played the original so had no idea what I'm actually in for, I'll hopefully get to it at some point this century Game wise as for me I'm splitting my time between GTA again and Halo Infinite still as I've not actually finished it yet lol, if I don't play Evil genius 2 when I'm done I'll likely start up Cyberpunk or Far Cry 6 since I got those in the last sale or I may go back to AC Odyssey and Valhalla and play the crossover story stuff.
  15. A bit of a delayed response but all the Dr Dre story stuff aka the whole mission chain you need the Agency for is playable solo and available in invite only sessions (since like 6 missions are based in free roam) but the 3 Franklin and Lamar missions you need to have 2 people for those, but to host them you need to do the Dre stuff >.<.
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