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  1. Played this game on steam and loved it i had to get it on the xbox. Really great game and planning on 100% the achievements also.
  2. I am about to launch this game for the first time it looks so good so hopefully i will enjoy this ^.^
  3. added you mate , i can help you along with the friend add ^.^
  4. yeah pretty much all day yesterday i only found one guy playing :c struggling to get the 10 friends achievement thing & i still cant find no one to get the 10 vs wins on.
  5. looking to get mutual exchange achievement and the 10 vs wins message me online! GT = PureZoot
  6. thanks for this guide for the legends im going through them now and using this to find what i missed out =) many thanks!
  7. yeah it seems that way because i was hosting last night and only i got the achievement and so we all tried hosting one after the other and it worked apart from one guy
  8. Looking for 2 people too get that strength Achievement My GamerTag is GT: PureZoot
  9. thanks for this guide i am using this too help me along the 1k score!
  10. nice one! ive seen it in shops for £38 but i got my limited edition one for £40 yesterday
  11. I found using the Marksman the easiest, very strong range attacks and has good ability in close combat just depends on what character you like i say
  12. I just got this game for my birthday and it is awesome! its defo worth playing i dont understand all the hate for this game because its a great RPG game
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