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  1. Yay another neat theory thread... War Sphinx's, possible flood returns and precursor super species. Wow I've been away too long, just read yesterday that its now official the next game is indeed Halo 5, theres even an updated version of the trailer with Halo 5 title instead of the original E3 version with Halo Xbox One !!!Game Informer LINK!!!... (So if nothing else, we at least we know now its not some ODST/REACH style gap filler). mmm... Doesn't give anything away, we caught the chip in the trailer. Guess the bit about sentient life, kinda drums up the image of sentient lifeforms being wiped out by machines. P.S. super cute kid cosplay during PAX 2013
  2. Control system looks neat, shame its not out on android or I'd have given it a blast
  3. First time ever I'm buying PS4 first next gen (usually end up with all the machines as they become lower in price) so the next Halo as got to be damned amazing for me to blow £500 for xbone+game then having to purchase a monthly XBL fee for what is honestly the lone microsoft exclusive I play (not trying to offend kinect gamers by that remark, honestly). Offline mode for Spartan Ops Solo or the return of Firefight (I'm actually happy with either)... 343i did a great job with the latter spartan Ops and ohhh those vids blew me away. At least 10 fully playable levels in campaign (4's campaing rocked just needed 2 more lvls for me) Match making for co-op campaign...also maybe a system they could make co-op tougher the more players you have, maybe even extra end level boss style content or waves for true group team play DLC maps people actually get to play (Certain Affinity made great looking maps shame none played them)... maybe it needs a system they're free to try for a trail, so at least theres a constant flow of new players. FBTS - [email protected] Big Team Slayer... if planetside 2 can have 2000 in game then next gen halo could give us least 64 (sure I still want 4v4 and reg Big team) Lush new forerunner vehicles+enemies, or more variety like brutes, sentinels, scarabs and dare I say it flood. Finally most of all a return to map control ethic recent halos have lacked, or at least a playlist that strips loadouts/armor mods/weap drops totally
  4. I'm not happy about the franchise turning into a yearly microsoft cash cow either. But there seems to be much more money and manpower thrown into the franchise now. Double the team, and cut the time it takes in half. Whenever I caught the size of the 343i development team and working offices during the promos/behind the scenes of halo 4, I think microsoft have thrown them enough to have funded a county or even their own NASA like space program. Footage of the earlier games behind the scenes made it look like a much smaller team working on the games back in BUNGiE's era, I love the old clips from that era (that said the recent Destiny promotional vids, seems like Activision have thrown them the same huge amounts of cash).
  5. As for Cortana's chip, it could be seen more as a dog tag like remembrance thing I think. Chief laying his love for her to rest, before fighting whatever Halsey and her forerunner allegiance have brought upon the universe.
  6. A good few directions the next Halo game could go (though like many fans I seriously doubt the trailer was for Halo 5 and coming in 2014) to me it screamed of trying to please the xbox faithful with promise of more halo next year more than anything... huge rumor earlier in the year Microsoft/360i could be secretly working on a trilogy HD collection, bringing 1,2,3 to Xbone in glorious update form like they had with H-CEA. It could have even been for the future Halo serial . As for how Halo 5 goes (when it does finally surface). I'm suspecting some sort of origns/to present story following Halsey. (especially how much she appeared in the latter Spartan Ops eps). Most the series to dates been how Chief and Cortana's relationship have woven together... seems natural now shes out of the picture to show Chief's other leading lady.
  7. Cool so.... I guess 5's gearing up for a race for the prize between Chief & the crew of the Infinity against mono armed hell bent on revenge Halsey, with aid from the precursors and covvys who've triggered the flood. Prize being to acquire a device to save the human race and Earth from annihilation. By resurrecting a gravemind following profit thats controlling an ark on a desolate forgotten planet like Charum Hakkor. All I know is Halo 5 as got some serious work to do if I'm to buy into next gen xbox. Price of next xbox, at least the LE of the game plus a continuous net and xbl connection = £600+ all to play one little ol' game.
  8. Great seeing Jason Jones at the end of the interview. BUNGiE the smartest gaming company ever. They got in bed with microsoft games at the right time, then got out just before it went pear shaped with the pr disaster that is the xbone. I know this games been in gestation since the end of halo 3 (they even included a poster for it in ODST)... slight framerate issues aside with the demo, its looking amazing I can't wait till 2014 now, just hope it lives up to the huge expectations.
  9. They're saving that for the final of the next trilogy, so Halo 9. Which will be known to fans as the sony mythic trilogy, because Microsoft (like Sega & Atari before them) pulled out of hardware market due to poor decisions and sales of xbox one. To be honest, BUNGiE never showed his face in their trilogy so doubt 343i will. I've always thought chief is the person playing the game, so when he takes his mjolnir mk v off his face will be yours.
  10. Its 343i so I'm skeptical is all, if its 100% going to be 5 why not just say "halo 5... coming 2014". Instead of "halo...2014, your journey begins on xbox one". At this point theres no saying its even a game, it could be a promo for the Spielberg TV Series for all we know (which is meant to have some xbox one exclusive stuff).
  11. I took 6 months out of halo 4, thanks for the codes all those involved in listing them and cracking them. Odd there was no Crimson code with concept art !!! Likewise not done 1000 war games (only 678 so I'll probably never get that), I did try LASO in a group we did dawn but then thought screw it.
  12. Playing any level on at least normal or higher will unlock the game completed cheevo. You don't have to playthrough the entire game on normal. But of course you need to have done every level on legendary to gain that award (no playing last level legendary and it unlocking). P.S. Hope you enjoy your first playthrough, I think its a damned good campaign.
  13. Watched the ps4 reveal last night that featured a good 15 minute feature of Destiny including a brief mission playthrough by BUNGiE. Looks amazing, real echoes of borderlands & defiance gameplay wise. Only of course visually looking like its a match for anything crytec have brought out. Lighting and shading in the game is heaps better than current gen. Really want to know now if the entire game is pve or if theres some kinda battleground/arena type pvp in. Would seem boring after a while to get loot just to kill bigger enemies to get more loot. Also showed a brief segment with a group of players on star wars styled speeder bikes, so I'm hoping we get pvp racecourses. BUNGiE sitting on potently the best franchise ever... not that I'm a fanboy or anything.
  14. Not played halo or xbox in months and renewed the 14 day gold trial I got in my Halo4 LE edition yesterday out of boredom and to play eps 6-10 spartan ops (stupidly retarded you need live for solo SO or to even open up forge island in forge). I oddly caught this video pure randomly on waypoint, it wasn't even listed as being halo just a panel in the news section for e3... moment I glimpsed the spartan glove I was wooahhh its chief, and then when the shroud blew off I nerded my pants. Not sure wtf the mechanic giant birdlike thing is!!! new forerunner enemy or just the unsc eagle gone trippy ? And why just the title Halo 2014 and not Halo 5... is it going to be some ODST type filler game between the new trilogy maybe.
  15. I gave it a break for 5 months after completing the 1st dlc cheevos and original 1000gs. And because spartan ops episodes took a break after ep5...plus my xbl gold ended and I had nothing else to really warrant paying for it at the time. A years ps+ was such a better value for money deal for me. I came back to Halo 4 this week and just played through spartan ops ep6 solo legendary, massive improvement. Was great fun playing some Halo again. Had a few btb and enjoyed them but think I'm going to struggle getting games for the final 2 map packs. I'm sr118 now, would like to hit 130 but if I don't I've enjoyed Halo 4, sure theres of course areas to improve and it does certainly lack the variety the previous Halo's had (exluding ODST & Wars of course).
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