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  1. Looking to do both DLC chaos squads. Message me on Xbox.
  2. I care, in fact being 0 point applications makes it more annoying for me to see every time I check out my achievements. So if I decided to load 3 more apps they will also be stuck there and I will have to go further and further back to find my achievements. It's not like I'm going to stop playing Xbox but its a problem and it should be fixed.
  3. I have had this for the last week, it's really bugging me. Netflix and Twitch stay at the front of my achievement list and I have 0 achievements on both.
  4. I didn't say I should have the achievement? I just said they were not registering on my achievement tracker.
  5. I have a similar problem. I was at 16% of the 'Dungeon Master' achievement before the patch. I have completed 10 epic dungeons since then and none have registered. Very annoying.
  6. EDIT: I didn't realise you were the person who messaged me on Live! I will try to look for one more, if I go off tonight don't worry as I will be on tomorrow, as will the other person I have ready to do this. Are you online now?
  7. There are loads of people with our problem according to a reddit thread. Link:
  8. I don't think this is specifically a Tetris problem, my brother can't access his digital Far Cry 4 and is being told he needs to go online to play a game. It's probably due to the recent attacks, both our Xbox's haven't fully recovered and there are problems everywhere.
  9. I only just bought the game so have no idea how this works!
  10. Just completed 'Two Betrayals' in 19:47, just under the 20:00 par time and no achievement! I had no skulls on, but it was on a playlist mission, although I don't think that matters as I have other par times on playlist. The only thing I can think of is that I saved and quit twice just to restart a checkpoint (and for saving time). Does that affect anything? That mission was a nightmare, and I decided to leave the skull I need at the end as I was cutting it too fine for time. So I ended up with nothing!
  11. Aww man, wish I checked the forum before playing today. Just beat the par time on 'Halo' mission and no achievement. Doesn't even say 'Done... Unlocking'!
  12. I knew weeks ago, doesn't make it any less shitty. Crap suggestion being that I mentioned my poor download speeds so why would I get the digital copy, meaning I had to download 70GB? I didn't want it early, but I wanted it on launch day. I don't think that's asking too much.
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