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  1. :woop:heh. Sorry I'm late. I found this one easy once I realized I could shoot the target by standing on the edge of the walkway and did not have to get on the moving platforms at all.
  2. I did find that there are opportunities to eat all but one of the items in the downloadable levels (DLC). But I think it's still the dried wormy that you can't eat in any level. Help? Has anybody managed to eat one? It doesn't seem fair to include it in the game, with a checkbox implying that we're not finished with everything we could do, and then not give any way to eat it.
  3. There aren't enough spices available before you have to sacrifice the wormy to open the gate! Help? There has to be a way -- you can't get 100% on this level without eating it. (The level is "Road to Beaki-hai", the first flappers level.)
  4. I know this is an old question, but it might always help someone else with the same question playing the game later. Once you're stinky, you have to go back -- jump over the clear water pool and climb the ladder -- to the second-to-last Ooga-dude you talked to, while still stinky. It wears off fast (you can tell by your color), so you have to be very quick. It took me umpteen tries and was one of the more frustrating pieces of the game for me, since it was so much harder than most of the rest, and I am not very good at speed in these games. But if I can get it -- and I eventually did -- then anyone can.
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