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  1. Trauma-Hawk - A Hard Rockin' 4 Minute Gameplay Montage of Scalps & Skewers. Enjoy responsibly... [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpt2jhva19s]YouTube - Trauma-Hawk[/ame] Feedback is appreciated because this is my first full-length, if there were better camera choices, or audio feedback...or comments about how you liked the tomahawk to that mans forehead... Love, ~Jon
  2. My apologies for missing the theater thread, if it needs to be moved or closed by all means..."Fetch the authorities"... Atreyu, Scalps, and Skewers...can't go wrong.
  3. Wow. Been a long time. There's probably rare few who remember my presence from long ago, but an update would tell you I'm done with school and working now towards entering the game industry. So... I was putting together a custom edit montage of gameplay when I realized...I really should have gotten some achievements for weapons specific actions. I would have promptly been awarded Long-Range Tomahawk to the Face, and many other classics that I feel were missed out on. It's great to level and unlock, but I find the Call of Duty games lack the online achievements that would really benefit the online space. Either way, here's that video I was talking about. I've fittingly named it Trauma-Hawk because it's filled exclusively with Tomahawks and Ballistic knives. Check it out and let me know what you think! [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpt2jhva19s]YouTube - Trauma-Hawk[/ame] Forever Yours, ~Jon
  4. To answer your question, I'm a guitarist that is pretty familiar with the fretboard, so I know how to transcribe what I want to play, to what I want in the game, however...the frustrating part is how limited the system is and how it's a "so close but so far away" sound. I mean, I can make anything, but quality-wise, stuff boarders on decent to good at all times and I don't think there's a way around it. It's tough to make things sound well, let alone, play well. The newest one I'm working on is a song I wrote for my band Endfinity. A lot of my friends are into our music and wanted me to make this song in Guitar Hero for them, so that's my reason for doing an Endfinity song. The song's called Wings and it's on our page if you want to get an early peak at what it may sound like once it launches in GHTunes: www.myspace.com/endfinity Thanks, ~Jonny
  5. Haha, well...thanks man! I'm going to try something completely different with my next one, although it'll be a while till it's uploaded. I'll keep everyone posted.
  6. My newest song in GHTunes is up. The tune is called Persistance and I'm really proud of this one. I've worked on it for the past week on and off, even deleting half of it, only to work it back in. It's been a love-hate relationship but I think I got it right in the end. Help me get this thing up the charts, I worked really hard and would love your download and rankings! The link is above in my initial post! Check it out, and as always, leave me some feedback so I know how to better serve you in the future...haha! Thanks guys, Jon
  7. Seeing as how I'd like to show off my work in the studio, the forums may get awfully full of my posts with new song information, so I've consolidated all of my featured custom songs in one post. I'll update the thread regularly when I've added to my database of songs. Song 1: Made to Bend (By-Jonnyx360a) [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48l3M5RlTJs]YouTube - Made to Bend GHTunes[/ame] Made to Bend is a song I wrote for my real band Endfinity a few years ago. I had to remix it quite a bit since we're an acoustic rock group. I had to write an entirely new chorus lead part since on the real song we thought that having a lead in the chorus may take away from the bassline. So the song is essentially a cover or remix of a song I already wrote, so not entirely original. If you're interested, my band Endfinity has a myspace page...http://www.myspace.com/Endfinity and you can hear the acoustic version of the song there! Song 2: Tribal Warfare (By-Endfinity Jon) [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSyKpEILPos]YouTube - Tribal Warfare GHTunes[/ame] Tribal Warfare is an entirely original piece I built around a drum idea that featured odd kick placement and lots of intro tom work. It's heavily muted guitar riffs and blast beats really make it sound like a battle march. No solo in this one, but the song should be challenging enough for everyone to enjoy! Song 3: Oxymoron (By-Endfinity Jon) [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJfqkXyK4yU]YouTube - Oxymoron GHTunes[/ame] For Oxymoron, I knew I didn't want to write "just another" hard rock song, so I decided to use a hip-hop kit complete with record scratches complimented by heavy and fast riffs. The result is (of course) hip-hop hard rock and it's a very interesting sound. It may not be the hit that my others are for the reason being that it's more unique and experimental, but I'm very proud of this one...May be my favorite! Song 4: Persistance (By-Endfinity Jon) [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGd9mvdngXk]YouTube - Persistance GHTunes[/ame] Before you say it...I know it's spelled wrong, I wanted to work the word 'stance' into something, and that's what I came up with. And speaking of the title, the word 'persist' really is what this song is about. I gave up on it twice, deleted the entire first 2/3 and then had to come back in a re-record it entirely. It took a long time to get this one rolled out in the fashion I wanted, but I really think it was worth the wait! This is a real song I wrote, but you won't find it on our website, it was an instrumental from the start and I was really excited to get one of my solo's note for note in the game...What are you waiting for, download it! All feedback is welcomed and encouraged. I would love to know what you think of the songs and collect your ideas for new ones I may do. I don't do covers since they get pulled from the service so don't ask me that one. Alright! Let me know what you think! Love, ~Jon
  8. Yeah, thanks Valiant. I was thinking that maybe I should consolidate all my stuff to one thread, and now with your assurance, I probably will on my next creation. Thanks for the feedback again. Love always, ~Jonnnnnnyyynnnnn
  9. Hey guys, it's me...you know, the crazy custom song guy? Well, I've just uploaded my third and most unique song. It's a hip-hop metal song, hence the name..."Oxymoron". I used a hip-hop style beat with heavy riffs overtop. I'm really impressed with it and again need your help in making it a hit on GHTunes! So, if you have an XBOX 360 and Live, download it and rank me if you can. All feedback is welcome and wanted since it was quite an experimental tune. Again, the song's name is "Oxymoron" and I will post a video of it in this thread soon. Give it a download! Thanks guys, ~Jon
  10. Thanks for the kind words Xterm1n8tor... You know, I've gotten such great feedback on my songs, but as of a few minutes ago I checked it's status and it had only been ranked 4 times! Made to Bend is doing better, but It's not very high either. It's so very frustrating when people are going crazy about the songs but they're sitting dead at the bottom of the charts. I mean, I was on today browsing and some songs that I personally think should have never been uploaded, have hundreds of ranks. So spread the word...help me out...something. I need inspiration to create more, but if I'm going to work the way I do on these songs with such crappy results, I may just give it up...Haha. Love (I Think), ~Jon
  11. Thanks for the feedback, Valiant. This one was much more difficult than Made to Bend, but still can be done flawlessly by good players. Quite a few people are looking for me to do some harder songs so I'm taking that into consideration for my next one. I'll keep you guys posted, and keep the thoughts coming guys...Oh, and the downloads too Love, ~Jon
  12. Here's the youtube link. Download and rate if you can, I worked pretty hard on it: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSyKpEILPos&fmt=18]YouTube - Tribal Warfare GHTunes[/ame] Thanks guys!
  13. Original thread name, huh? I've made my second song in GHTunes, the follow-up to Made to Bend. The song's called Tribal Warfare and I honestly think it is one of the better songs on the service. I kinda busted my ass over the past few days to get it just right so I'd appreciate the download and feedback. Youtube video to follow... Thanks in advance for the feedback! ~Jon
  14. Uh, the initial link I posted isn't working...Here's a YouTube vid... [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48l3M5RlTJs]YouTube - Made to Bend GHTunes[/ame] My new song should be ready tonight or tomorrow, I'll keep you posted! ~Jon
  15. Wow. Thanks so much for the feedback guys. A friend of mine made a little video of the song if you're curious before download: http://www.gamevee.com/viewVideo/Guitar_Hero_World_Tour/XBox_360/Made_To_Bend_GHTunes/1210866 I'm working on a new one and wanted to know what people thought about difficulty vs. playability and sound. So keep the feedback coming, and I'll update you with my new one! Love, ~Jon
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