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  1. Yeah, sure was on about that bundle. I might as-well leave it then, Cheers.
  2. Hey all, I noticed on Steam that they are selling some DLC stuff for £1.74. Just wondering though, is it worth getting? Or does it add very little to the base game?
  3. I thought £2.99 was reasonable.... Then I played it. Shocking game, even with the easy gamerscore it is still horrible to try and play
  4. I could do with wacking out the online achievements if anyone is willing to help/boost them?
  5. Assassin's Creed Revelations By a mile. Can not wait for that!
  6. I am 16 but going to be 17 in September. I think the next few months is going to fly by with all these GCSE's going on!
  7. 1. KILLER BIN-9PM 2. zod48 - 9PM 3. Totalchaos01 - 3pm (9pm in uk?) 4.sleepinglessons anytime before 6pm eastern 5. Kazuo Fakhir - 9PM in UK time (I can play from 6PM to 4AM in UK time too) 6. Causedtapestry 6pm-12pm everyDay GMT+1 7. I Greenman v2 I --- Uk time 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. __________________
  8. I have four which I absolutely love. Blackthorn - Its a cider made in Somerset, England and is just brilliant. Must try it people! I also like Guinness, Brothers Strawberry Cider and Jack Daniels - Coke.
  9. Yea, Tomorrow will be good. What time will be good for you lot?
  10. Well, I have just finished BioShock 2 which was brilliant. I have just started playing The Orange Box. I am loving Portal and Team Fortress 2 at the moment, not played Half Life 2 yet.
  11. I need to get some of the TF2 achievements. Message me if your interested in doing them.
  12. I would be up to do this if there will be space?
  13. I believe Dirt 3 will require a Online Pass aswell.
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