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    Born and bred in NYC and have a serious game collection for every system!
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    Video Games..Duhhh, playing sports, traveling, hunting, etc....
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  1. Oh just when I thought I could leave Arkham City it pulls me right back in. Damn you Game of The Year Editioooon!! Damn you!! After I paid for everything separate you release an extra mission I cannot resist having and snazzy new box art! Ahhhhhhhh!
  2. Personally I like Robin. But i remember when the fourth season of the animated series come out. Since they never put Nightwing in before that, I would drool every time a new episode came out after seeing him once for the possibility of seeing him in action. We never got to see hi, earlier and when they started incorporating more storyline from Batman's later universe I felt giddy with glee. But with persona and all and being that Nightwing was expendable like Wall-mart employees and it was always just dick I have to say I like Nightwing more.
  3. It's just you. I guess the hairstyle got this person but not really anything else resembles him.
  4. No, I got it the first time around freaking weird.
  5. Easy game to get all the achievements on but these parts were a pain in the ass!
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