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  1. Hi, I'm looking for purple lvl 59+ Nurse class mod and a lvl 61 Legendary Siren. I've got a few pearls I can dupe for you including a norfleet with 1M+ damage and a Perma sharp slag smg with ammo regen, also got a Bone of The Ancients and some top lvl 61 shields. Please msg me if you can help GT: Sabazius
  2. Just got Mush, heard good things about it
  3. sabazius


    If you're playing a song in an alternate tuning, you'll want your guitar to be in that tuning. Otherwise the acoustic sound from your guitar will be different to the note you should be playing, and even though it'll be quiet it won't sound right and will be really distracting, especially if you're quite new to the instrument
  4. It will hurt a bit as you learn, but it's just a matter of the more you play the less it will hurt, until eventually you won't even feel it. It's just because you're putting your hand and wrist into positions it's not used to, the more you practice the stronger your hands will get and you'll be fine...
  5. I'm up for Come to Poppa and locust forever... sent you a msg on xbl
  6. I need this too. I've got about 200 pieces of rail built but need help getting enough gold and some more iron to make it all work. If you want to jump in and help out I'd appreciate it. I've also got a save which will give you the 'Leader of the Pack' achievement if you need that too... If anyone else wants to jump in and help that'd be great Edit: Got it now
  7. I think it's a shame that matchmade multiplayer would probably end up with some douche wrecking other peoples stuff
  8. Thought the online for this might have been like 'Kingdom For Keflings' where you could just jump into people worlds without invites, or have random people join yours... Was a bit disappointed with that side of it as none of my friends have Minecraft
  9. Any chance you can add more languages to it as the other solver seems to be offline now?
  10. Trust me dude and just get Ilomilo, it's brilliant and it's an easy 200/200. Even at full price I think it's totally worth it
  11. Just need the online achievements to 100%, if you need them too hit me up GT: Sabazius Edit: Got them now
  12. Well fuck me if I didn't do it 2nd attempt with the Monster Truck method. Even crashed into a wall on the very last corner and had to reverse out and still had 3 secs between me and 2nd place... Thanks a lot for the tips cos that level my driving me nuts yesterday
  13. Hi guys, I'm in Afghanistan for another 7 weeks, I'll put up a guide for this one when I get back. (No phones allowed out here). If anyone else could do a guide in the meantime I'm sure a few people would appreciate it
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