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  1. Hi, I'm looking for purple lvl 59+ Nurse class mod and a lvl 61 Legendary Siren. I've got a few pearls I can dupe for you including a norfleet with 1M+ damage and a Perma sharp slag smg with ammo regen, also got a Bone of The Ancients and some top lvl 61 shields. Please msg me if you can help GT: Sabazius
  2. Just got Mush, heard good things about it
  3. sabazius


    If you're playing a song in an alternate tuning, you'll want your guitar to be in that tuning. Otherwise the acoustic sound from your guitar will be different to the note you should be playing, and even though it'll be quiet it won't sound right and will be really distracting, especially if you're quite new to the instrument
  4. It will hurt a bit as you learn, but it's just a matter of the more you play the less it will hurt, until eventually you won't even feel it. It's just because you're putting your hand and wrist into positions it's not used to, the more you practice the stronger your hands will get and you'll be fine...
  5. I'm up for Come to Poppa and locust forever... sent you a msg on xbl
  6. I need this too. I've got about 200 pieces of rail built but need help getting enough gold and some more iron to make it all work. If you want to jump in and help out I'd appreciate it. I've also got a save which will give you the 'Leader of the Pack' achievement if you need that too... If anyone else wants to jump in and help that'd be great Edit: Got it now
  7. I think it's a shame that matchmade multiplayer would probably end up with some douche wrecking other peoples stuff
  8. Thought the online for this might have been like 'Kingdom For Keflings' where you could just jump into people worlds without invites, or have random people join yours... Was a bit disappointed with that side of it as none of my friends have Minecraft
  9. Any chance you can add more languages to it as the other solver seems to be offline now?
  10. Trust me dude and just get Ilomilo, it's brilliant and it's an easy 200/200. Even at full price I think it's totally worth it
  11. Just need the online achievements to 100%, if you need them too hit me up GT: Sabazius Edit: Got them now
  12. Well fuck me if I didn't do it 2nd attempt with the Monster Truck method. Even crashed into a wall on the very last corner and had to reverse out and still had 3 secs between me and 2nd place... Thanks a lot for the tips cos that level my driving me nuts yesterday
  13. Hi guys, I'm in Afghanistan for another 7 weeks, I'll put up a guide for this one when I get back. (No phones allowed out here). If anyone else could do a guide in the meantime I'm sure a few people would appreciate it
  14. 3-1 Back In Town Angle up the camera to it's highest viewpoint 1st shot: Reduce power to about two thirds (roughly in line with the middle of the pot thing on the left) and aim at the very bottom corner of the red rubber band. You should get all the coins near the rubber band and end up under the rock over to the right hand edge. 2nd shot: Aim full or slightly reduced (I prefer reduced) power down the line of coins into the rubber band, you need to collect as many of these as possible, but you need to finish flat on the bottom of the map, ready for the next shot... 3rd and final shot: Straight across the bottom, under the enemy collecting a few coins and into the mortar. Whether you get gold depends entirely on how many coins you managed to get... Don't worry if you miss by just a few points, it's a pretty quick level to replay That should do it, good luck Sabazius
  15. If you're having trouble try timing that shot so you pass over the green power up and through the trees. Try to end up directly under the bridge. Then go up over the bridge and you should bounce off the rock and into the trees on the right. Final shot should be aimed as close go the enemy as possible so you bounce into the hole. Hope you get it this way
  16. 3-2 Manufactory 1st shot: Aim at the middle of the coin down on your right at 5 o'clock. You'll collect 2 coins, enter the mortar and get the remaining coins as you're fired out. If you hit an enemy you'll need to restart. 2nd shot: Aim at the middle of the rubber band down to your right and you'll bounce up into the mortar. 3rd shot: The only tricky bit, you need to hit the top of the barrel down to the right and bounce off it into the mortar. The first two shots are easy so even if you need a few replays it shouldn't take too long. Cheers Sabazius
  17. 1-14 Fort Approach I actually got gold on this the long way round when I first did it, but replaying it for this guide I discovered a much quicker way... Raise the view up as high as it'll go 1st shot: straight go the left, 9 o'clock. By using the overhead view you should be able to tell when your arrow is dead straight. You should hopefully have collected all the coins but you can miss 1 and still get gold. 2nd shot: Aim to the left hand side of the bridge, about 10 or 11 o'clock. Your point of aim should be between the 2 sort of square bits on the left side of the bridge. Time it so you collect the red powerup and you should end up roughly in the middle of the v-shaped rubber bands. 3rd shot: Aim right at the gap in the middle of the rubber bands on your right, and you should bounce off them, off the bit of rock sticking out and up over the bridge, bypassing the green powerup part entirely. 4th shot: Now you just need to angle off the rock directly above you, preferably taking 1 or both of the enemies out on your way to the finish, but if you have enough points just concentrate on making the angle. If you've got a straight shot, just try to get as many coins/enemies as possible on the way into the hole. Hope that does it, cheers Sabazius
  18. Hmmm, final level. Few ways to attempt the first shot... Either aim at about 8 o'clock and bounce off the wall (my preference), you'll need to reduce the power of the shot. Or aim straight down but you'll need to reduce the power even more.. Either way you should end up beneath the first enemy and to the left of the vertical scrolling one. 2nd shot: Again reduced power, aim to collect the 3 coins at the bottom and you want to be finishing as directly beneath the troll as possible. The coins aren't essential but could give you a buffer if you miss a shot later. 3rd shot: Straight up under the troll, aim to finish pretty much ON the bomb trigger, don't worry if it's not perfect, but you need to trigger the bomb. 4th shot: Up and left through the gate, no real need to aim as long as you finish in the top left area. 5th shot: Try to collect coins/kill enemies on the way into the mortar. 6th shot: Tricky bit, make sure you get into the gate unlock area, but I'd recommend about half power. Aim above 3 o'clock or you'll miss the gate. 7th shot: Depending where you end up after shot 6, but you need to have the gate unlocked and the puck back out of this area and roughly under the troll. I tried to bounce it of the right hand wall and back out again. If this takes 2 shots don't panic!! 8th shot: Up under the troll and home!! Depending how many points you have this might be done in 2 shots. Hope you get it dude, cheers Sabazius
  19. Ok, docks first... Turn the view up to as high as it will go 1st shot: Aim at the first coin to the right, have the tip of the cursor at about the 4 o'clock point on the coin. You should collect all the coins and rebound off the barrel and end up above the enemy slightly to the right with a clear shot at the rubber band in the top left. 2nd shot: Aim at the right hand side of the rubber band. You should bounce of the other rubber band and end up at the bottom of the alley with a clear shot at the barrel 3rd and last shot: The only really tricky bit, you have to hit the barrel at the right angle to collect all the coins and go straight into the finish. You probably won't have a good view so all I can recommend is to aim at the barrel at about the 10 or 11 o'clock position and keep trying. Think this took me about 30 tries so keep plugging away
  20. If you're lvl 50 and pretty much invincible there's a danger of this being a bit too easy...
  21. Like you said mate, knowing epic prob not...
  22. Didn't mean you mate, that was aimed at killerchris
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