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  1. Thank you both. I would also prefer playing blind because it takes away some of the enjoyment if I am too focused on checking off a list. I did not know there were options to make multiple saves, I assumed there were because telltale games usually have them, but did not know how to access them. I assume making saves would help with missable achievements and collectibles, but will I not need to replay the entire episode if I wish to place all the collectibles, since I can't imagine them carrying over from one save file to another?
  2. I didn't expect there to be any choice or collectible based achievements in this game, just thought the list would be the standard Telltale achievement list we've been getting, so I went through act one of episode one not really focusing too much on exploring every little nook and cranny and I did not use every trap in the forest or tickle AJ. So I am wondering if I will need to replay the entire act/episode or if there is a collectible mode similar to the one in Life is Strange that allows you to go back and play each scene without needing to replay the entire episode.
  3. I preordered the game and have gotten a message on the xbox mobile app each of the last two days from xbox live saying "Thank you for preordering, you may now download the beta." Then, when I go to my messages on the console, that message is no longer there (both times I've gotten it). The beta is not on the marketplace so I'm wondering how to download it. Has anyone else had this issue and if so, how did you resolve it?
  4. I assume you can. I have all the abilities for the four characters I have legendary gear for but it stands to reason that if you are able to repay your guild credits and replay for the diamond mother box that you'd be able to get a new ability too. With regards to the pounce finishes, I don't know if you already knew this but you can finish the first round with a pounce as well and have it count. It does not need to only be the final hit of the fight. So you can do two in one fight.
  5. I need a purple class mod for the assassin to get the "Decked Out" Achievement. I'll give it back immediately afterward and I also have a purple one for the Gunzerker if you are interested in it. I'm currently level 24. Please and thank you. GT: Knaussenheimer
  6. I just completed Catwoman's legendary multiverse last night. As predicted I did get Cat Call along the way rather than from completing it, but still wanted to finish it because of the 30+ hour grind I'd already put in by the time I unlocked Cat Call. Pretty sure I was only missing like 8-10 other abilities by the time I unlocked it. I made a video of the final event and gear piece unlock if anyone is interested: Edit: I just realized that I can actually redo the fourth event from her legendary multiverse, which is the one that guarantees an ability, at the cost of 50K more guild credits. I'm not sure because I have all of her abilities now, but I think that if i didn't I would be able to keep redoing this event and continuously getting abilities for her, so this multiverse might actually guarantee that you can get Cat Call provided you have the guild credits to keep on spending.
  7. For the next 21 hours, there is an event called Collateral Damage and within it a ladder called Cold Fusion. Completing this ladder guarantees you an ability and you don't have to pay 150k credits for it.
  8. When I decided to try and get it, it started out like 90% for the ability and 10% for legendary gear. Now it's become like 70% about getting the gear and 30% about getting the ability.
  9. Be warned, two of the requirements for this are to win 1000 matches as the character and to play as them for 3000 minutes. I'm currently at 270 matches and 282 minutes, which effectively means you'll need to play upwards of 3000 matches for this. Unless Cat Call is the only ability for Catwoman you're missing, (you'll know it is if the fourth event in this multiverse says "Cat Call" instead of "Random Catwoman Ability") there's a good chance this will be a waste of your time. That said, the earnings one would get from grinding out 3000 matches would likely reward them with Cat Call anyway.
  10. Just be warned that she does have several abilities so going through this insane grind might not reward you with the Cat Call ability.
  11. Last night they released the second batch of legendary multiverses, which included Catwoman. There are four events, completing the first three will net you her legendary whip, whereas the last one gets you a guaranteed Catwoman ability. Now, there's now guarantee this will be Cat Call (I believe she has between 7 and 9, two of which are unlocked from reaching level 20), and it will be an insanely huge grind, but if you really enjoy playing the game and still don't have that achievement, you might want to consider trying this. Of all the requirements, the only one that actually could be difficult is to complete the survivor event with Catwoman. All of the others will just require an insane grind. Edit: Just did the survivor event and it was actually super easy. I didn't realize you got health back depending on how you did in the fight before, and there isn't a difficulty requirement so you can do it on very easy. I don't think there were any fights that I started with less than 100% health.
  12. Title says it all. Just wanted to let anyone know who was waiting for a news article.
  13. I couldn't find this on the store. Does anyone know if its available in Canada?
  14. Thank you, that worked. I tried disabling them before but didn't actually delete them until now.
  15. Fighter pack 2 is such a disappointment. Really glad I only got the regular edition because of all the dlc characters who have beeen announced, Red Hood is still the only one I'm interested in. A lot of people wanted Black Manta so it's good that they added him in but if you really want Raiden, just play MK. He and Sub-Zero are/were both wasted DLC slots. Hell boy is also wildly disappointing. Was really hoping for Constantine. Oh well, it seems like other people wanted him so I guess good for them. Hopefully people who actually do have the ultimate pack aren't too disappointed by this.
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