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  1. the 1 point is towards their shield, and later on you get equipment that ignores shields and to get rid of the rats you used dragons breath
  2. no Mass Effect is on another level compared to South Park...Its so simple of a game, even if you dont know much and only equip higher level equipment and not worried about effects or abilities its still very easy...my brother beat it without applying any patches/upgrades to weapons or costume and he never plays rpg's
  3. i thought it may have been the hardest in the game, Kenny was just more annoying as you had to keep killer him over and over...i didnt find any of the other bosses as big of a pain as Gore
  4. id say yes, i was in same boat. I'm not a big RPG fan but if you love South Park it really doesnt even feel like a RPG
  5. Don't know if anyone posted it but you can get all 3 achievements for beating Kenny at once. You can wear your make over, have dire aids and wear the Hoff all at once. Easiest way to do it
  6. With the achievements for disrupting with a fart do you do that by holding down the right stick and releasing it, i believe its called dragons breath...or is there an easier way i tried to do dragon breath and it didnt seem to work
  7. at first i wasnt a big fan but the way they set it up and the slots they give you its nice, you can just move on to next match and still get all bonuses, really helps the speed up of playing X amount of matches as 1 tank achievements
  8. ive played a few games dont like how you can camp in another teams spawn. wont bitch too much because it will be free, but it just run of the mill nothing too special
  9. i beat the game and am going back through and playing on TVH, i started dlc, but may go back to story, will the DLC adapt to my new level once i beat the story again or will it stay the same, example in Torge dlc everything is around level 38 right now
  10. i started the game yesterday and played first mission where you have to get key card in co-op, started game in single player up until then...when i went back to single i had to replay the mission in single player. I was just wondering if i join a co-op will i have to go back and redo that mission or will i move on to the next one? or does it depend on who's game i join?
  11. bought golden compass for 89 cents at gamestop and got 1 achievement and cant bring myslef to keep playing it
  12. Looked it up on Youtube. The humour reminded me of Duke Nukem and the game looks amazing. Reminds me of Undead Nightmare,how it is so much different then RDR. 400 easy gs,AND a fun looking game=win win !

  13. its pretty good, a blend of crazy 80's scifi with the Far cry 3 engine, i like it alot, something different and fun, i highly recommend

  14. Hey man,Far cry 3 Blood dragon is now 15$ I was wondering is it good. I'm waiting on price drop for Far Cry 3. Whats Blood dragon like ?

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