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  1. Right now, the Transformers Cybertron Experience is up on sale. Get it for $11.99
  2. EVERYONE!!! Challenges are back online. jump on and complete them asap!!
  3. I signed the petition but let's keep asking Bravo the community halo guy to check in on it.
  4. What is happening with the challenges? They are not showing up for me.
  5. I know this is almost three years too late, but let me know if you still haven't started. I will play with you.
  6. Still need this, with time this year I am determined to finally knock this game out.
  7. Willing to boost ranks as much as possible until General. If you need a few campaign ones i will help if we get some ranks going first. GT: Oceans 4 Ransom
  8. Anyone needs help with ranking up let me know!! GT: Oceans 4 Ransom
  9. Would love to help and receive help with all multiplayer achievements. Just message me and then add me and I will see what time works best. GT: Oceans 4 Ransom
  10. I was playing acIV:bf a lot this past week especially on the 17th. I have achievements to prove it. How do i let them know I was a part of the community event?
  11. triple fame month for November 2015. Jump in while you can
  12. triple fame (XP) month for November 2015 up live now!!! Join and get your cheevos before it may shutdown.
  13. Join our boosting session here http://www.trueachievements.com/gamingsession.aspx?gamingsessionid=549226
  14. Try redownloading the game. Then create new game and go through without skipping the dialogue. Be sure to have patience as that may be what keeps you from breaking the tv lol. Also dont forget to use the inventory items if that's what is necessary. That was my problem. hope that helps...
  15. After each method here seemed to be almost enough, i tried ReeKorl's and finally Sargon came out of his stupid bungalow somewhere. I guess it requires you to be at your most basic situation possible as he is an ancient character dude.
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