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  1. Going to message a few of you guys about co-op, but just incase I don't hear anything back, I too am looking for someone to run through the co-op with.
  2. I'm pretty sure you can still order them off of the Microsoft Store. I think that's the only place. I've pre-ordered an Xbox One: Day One edition, but I also hope to pick up a PS4 eventually for the exclusives.
  3. I wasn't sure of any 'official' statements, so this is reassuring. Thanks, man!
  4. So I've pre-ordered my Xbox One off the Microsoft Store. Am I under the correct understanding that it won't ship until after release? I'm trying to coordinate which days to take off work.
  5. Working on online achievements tonight and this weekend. Message me or miss out.
  6. Not using sniper rifles? Seriously. I just got my counter sniper achievement earlier today. I suppose it depends on what time of the day you're playing on. I find there to be fairly decent activity on the servers end of the day Eastern Standard Time. Would be happy to join! Count me in! I'm actually playing now and will be all night if we can get a group together tonight?
  7. Not a problem, bud. Life's good. I wish I had more time for gaming, but alas, life takes over.

  8. Thank you, thank you, sir! How's everything been? Haven't talked to you in a while. Been busy with work, but starting to find more time for gaming, especially with next gen right around the corner!

  9. Yo, happy birthday bud.

  10. If you haven't already, go back and double check the spelling to ensure it shows up properly.
  11. I just want the percentages fixed for glitched things like the Aquila upgrade. Mine is stuck on 2% and I have all of the upgrades. Aside from that, I've enjoyed the game. I fear I'll have to make a second playthrough because of this crap though.
  12. Hello there. Answered your question from the New Members Orientation thread here.



  13. Glad it was able to help you guys out! Look forward to seeing you around the forums. First off, sorry it has taken me so long to respond! It's been crazy busy lately. My wife and I just bought a house so I've been up to my eyeballs in moving boxes and getting situated at our new place. The doesn't doesn't automatically update your games / gamerscore. This is something you will need to do yourselves. For information on how to do so, check out the link here.
  14. Perhaps deleting the image and re-uploading it will help? That is an odd issue really. Let me know if you've tried this. If you've fixed it, share what you did for those who may have the same issue.
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