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  1. Player two doesn't unlock achievements
  2. I got my 1000G last night! Game was alright I guess but it's not something I'd buy or play normally. Happy I got the free gamerscore
  3. I tired for ages to find this bus at the location in PowerPyx's video but it wouldn't show. I stumbled across it during the day at "Perla Est" in the "Costa Sud" Region. (Bottom right corner of the big island. in that town). Hope this helps someone
  4. I brought this on disc and the install stayed on 78% for 20min. I loaded the game early (I don't like starting the game until its fully installed) quit out and it was still on 78%. Restarted my XB1 and its now stuck on 79%... Anyways else have this problem? Is it the DLCS that cant be downloaded.. But surely the install is of the disc not including stuff you can download.
  5. I'm just about to play this on my xbox One. Will any of these mess up the stats for any achievements? Not sure if i want to risk it.
  6. I need Changing lanes. GT: Matt Dares Online all day. Xbox One I also have outposts to take over if you need that co op achievement in return as well.
  7. It also started messing up since i brought the USB tv turner for the xbox and i have the new iphone. Wonder if t had anything to do with them haha
  8. It would be worth plugging your controller in to your xbox and from the setting menu updating your controller. I updated both of mine a month ago and it didnt seem to do anything but maybe it would help your controller. Worth a try before spending money on a new controller (Cant have to many tho) =]
  9. If you have a second controller. Try using that and let us know if you still get the same problem.
  10. I'm glad i'm not the only one (No offence haha) I think its sunset that's buggering them up. Has your controller gone funny at the XB1 home screen yet? Ill be on destiny tomorrow to see what that weekend seller has got. If the problems happen in destiny as well ill be pissed.
  11. I have two controllers. One standard i use and the day one controller iv used for like 5mins before. Since i got sunset overdrive my controller has been spazing out on me. First time things went wrong i was playing sunset and it said m controller had been disconnected but the light was solid. No buttons worked but if i pressed the guide button it takes me to the home screen.. Kept happening every so often so i just plugged it in and it worked fine. Next day i turn on my xbox and my controller is being a bitch again. this time only a few buttons work.. I connected my day one controller and everything was okay. Played sunset for a bit and this one is giving me shite now. Seems to only fuck up when playing sunset. Anyone else having this problem? (Both my controllers have been updated like a month ago) I'm ill so sorry i just babbled on and didn't write this out easier to read.
  12. It would save me a lot of time making the end portal
  13. Read-Only achievement didn't unlock for me after doing to bonus mission. If it never pops kinda glad means i dont have to grind out the drinking game lol. But ill be pissed i can 1000G it.
  14. I let him go. He had it rough. I'm kinda pissed off i couldn't go save his wife from the life shes forced into now.
  15. I Started playing this game yesterday. I played it again for like an hour I'm guessing before i went to sleep. Get home from work today turn it on and iv lost like an hours worth of my game. No big deal im enjoying it so i carry on and when i drowned the dog thing in lava for the second time i got the achievement :\ I didn't get the achievement the first time because i remember thinking i'm surprised they didn't add an achievement for that. Odd... So i'm continuing playing and I'm learning the intenso thing for the second time and i get a bloody achievement that i didn't get when i played that part the first time. Has this happened to anyone else? -My profile is the only profile on my Xbox so i know i was signed in to my account every time.
  16. Cheers man. Yeah i saw the achievement seem pretty good.
  17. Okay thanks for the response people. Ill buy it today then. I don't mind its not as good as the hype. I'm planning to chill with this game. Take it slow. Doss about getting collectibles when i'm bored etc =] Iv heard the achievements are easy kinda. Apart from the drinking game witch i haven't see anything on but ill prepare myself for grinding that one. Games don't stress me out so its all good.
  18. Iv been holding out buying this game because whenever i buy a game the day it comes out normally left disappointed that there's a glitch forcing me to start a new game to get 1000G. Can anyone let me know if the patch fixed this game where there will be no problems completing it?
  19. Could someone PM me when they bring out the first patch? I don't want to buy it till they have fixed the bugs. Im done with buying games when they come out. There always broken and its not uncommon for you to have to start your game from the being again cause you ran into a glitch.
  20. Well i'm glad i didn't buy this game and waited. Seem like every time i buy a game when it comes out there is a game breaking glitch that always finds me or an achievement glitched and even after patches its unobtainable unless i start over. Does anyone know if there's a website than says when every patch for all new games come out. I want to be able to easily find out when a game gets its first patch so i know when to buy. PM me if there is, Cheers.
  21. I feel bad for you. Shit like this would happen to me all the time. Now i rarely buy a game when it comes out. I look in the forums to find out if there's any glitches and wait for the patch to fix them. Sucks when achievements glitch and in some cases you have to start all over again to get the last one. (Fuck you dead rising 3 and the damn beer hat blueprint)
  22. I always buy physical copies. I like displaying my games on my shelve so i have something i can look at and remember. It's nice having something on disc which i can lend to my friends or if in the future its no longer available to re-download i can put the disc in and get all nostalgic.
  23. Cheers that made more sense. Got the achievement now =]
  24. Can someone tell me how to lower the land. i cant figure out how to select to land or something..
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